Surfing Oahu

Surfing on Oahu: The Surfer’s Guide to The Gathering Place

Oahu has had the nickname “the gathering place” for a long time. It’s Hawaii’s third-largest island and it’s the one where the majority of people live and visit. This island attracts people for a lot of reasons, one of which is surfing. Oahu has excellent waves for all surfing experience levels, plenty of places to learn surfing, and generally hot weather. In...

The 10 Most Walkable Cities in Europe

One of the best parts about visiting Europe is how easy most cities are to explore on foot. Not only do you save some travel time by avoiding cabs or trains, but you'll most likely find some hidden gems you would never have found had you been in the backseat of a car. From Amsterdam to Salzburg, here's your guide to our top ten most walkable cities in Europe.
youtube channels for food lovers

If You Travel For Food, Follow These 5 YouTube Channels

Food travelers, food travelers, lend me your ears (and your stomachs). There is amazing food all over this great planet no matter what corner you visit, and these YouTube channels are showing it off in the most delicious ways possible. If you travel to taste the world, be sure to subscribe to these channels. First, check out Best Ever Food Review Show. This is one of the most...
Paris New Years

9 Best Places to Spend New Year’s Eve this Year

After the wrapping paper has been cleaned up and you've had your fill of family "together time," we think you should book a ticket to one of these amazing cities and ring in the new year the way you truly deserve.
Fish n Chips in Ireland

8 Things to Do When You Visit Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, the capital of Ireland is known for its old cobbled streets, historical museums, incredible church spires, and lively pubs. Just north and south of the city center you will find beaches, ship harbors and amazing views of the sea. There are hundreds of things to do in this vibrant city, but here is a list of the top 8 things that are must-sees in this special city...
Oahu Activities

8 Activities You Need to Try When You Visit Oahu

Hawaii’s third-largest island – Oahu – is also its most populated island. And, we can see why. This island has so much to offer in terms of activities, so whether you’re a local or a tourist, there’s always something to do. And, a trip to Oahu wouldn’t be complete without plenty of opportunities to take in the island’s natural landscape. Luckily, these eight...
things to see in ljubljana slovenia

6 Things Every Tourist Needs to See in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is small compared to other capital cities in Western Europe, but this charming little town has a lot to offer. It’s cobblestone streets are loaded with sculptures, artwork and little squares. Restaurants, bars and cafes line the streets offering delicious Italian infused food and local beer and wine. And to top it all off, Ljubljana is relatively inexpensive to eat, drink...
top hotels big island hawaii

10 Amazing Hotels on the Island of Hawaii

The Island of Hawaii, a.k.a. “the Big Island,” makes for a fantastic vacation. There’s amazing food, hikes, active volcanoes to explore, stunning beaches, and local entertainment. Choosing the right accommodations in Hawaii can ensure you have a truly spectacular trip. Luckily, to make the booking process a little easier, we’ve found the most amazing hotels in Hawaii for you...
best takeout vancouver

The 6 Best Takeout Options in Vancouver, BC

If you're like us, you're eating a lot more takeout than usual this year. Vancouver, BC has some of the best food in North America, with five-star cuisine from all around the world a stone's throw away from pretty much any given point in the city. Now that takeout is all the rage, we thought putting together this list of the 6 best places to get takeout in Vancouver would come in...
luang prabang laos

Visiting Luang Prabang, Laos: Travel Guide

Luang Prabang means 'city of the Golden Buddha Phra Bang.' Since the 14th century, an 83cm statue is believed to be the source of the city’s protection. Travel Magazine Contributor Shebs Alom traveled to this ancient, beautiful city in the north of Laos in November 2019, and it's a place that left a mark on him. Here's Alom's account of visiting Luang Prabang, Laos...
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