tips for traveling central europe
I recently spent a few weeks traveling around Central Europe - a trip that’s been on my bucket list for quite a while. I spent time in Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic and loved every minute of it. The cities in Central Europe are full of culture and history and each town is unique and different from the last. The food is delicious, the beers are cheap and the nightlife is second to none. If you’re thinking of traveling to Central Europe, I’ve outlined a few tips from my recent experience.
things to eat in vietnam
When you travel to Vietnam, your taste buds will likely be set on trying the pho bo and pho ga, and you won't be disappointed. Don't kid yourself though - there are a lot of other foods you need to sink your teeth into when visiting this amazing country. Take a look at these five amazing things you need to try when you visit Vietnam.
reasons to visit bali
It doesn’t matter what way you look at it, Bali is THE place to visit. It’s of the most popular travel destinations in the world, and with good reason — Bali is known as the ‘Island of the Gods,’ because it truly looks and feels like an island made for the Gods.
What if we told you that you can take some seriously world-class European trips without breaking the bank! That you can enjoy the finest Mediterranean food, most Instagram-worthy Italian beaches, the time-worn castles and platinum lagers, and free-spirited Croats who make Europe one of the world’s most sought-after travel destinations. Once you cover your airfare, you can do it all for less than a long weekend in Los Angeles!
best hotels usa
Every year the Travel Magazine Awards honor the top 10 hotels in the USA, and we couldn’t be more excited to present this year’s list of hotels. Our readers know how important it is to find high-quality accommodations on their travels, and these hotels exemplify the best possible experiences in their respective categories. Staying at one of these 10 hotels all but ensures that you’ll have a stress free vacation and come home recharged - which is the point of going on vacation, after all. Here are the Travel Magazine Award recipients of the top 10 best hotels in the USA.