countries dependent on tourism
No country can avoid the economic impact of COVID-19, especially on the travel and tourism industry. In this article we take a look at the 20 largest economies in the world, and rank them from highest to lowest dependency on travel and tourism as a percentage of GDP. Starting with Mexico...
For many people, planning and preparing for a trip can be its own adventure. Before you even get on the plane, you can spend weeks (or months) planning which cities to visit, learning the local customs, researching food spots, and deciding on transportation. Well, we’re going to make the argument for taking it one step further by learning a new language before...
florida keys reopening to business
As of June 1, the Florida Keys are removing checkpoints and reopening for tourists. Here's what's happening.
eco-conscious hotel
Being environmentally-conscious while traveling can sometimes be challenging. One easy way to reduce your impact while on holiday is by choosing a green hotel. And, we've sourced the top five for you to incorporate into your next trip!
nasa most beautiful photos
56,000 people voted and these were the top rated photos from NASA of Planet Earth.