Reasons to visit turkey

8 Reasons to Travel to Turkey this Summer

Among seasoned travelers, Turkey is a top destination. Turkey is a beautiful country with amazing food, colorful cities, and rich culture. It’s the type of place where, after you visit once, you can’t help but come back again and again. Why not make this summer your first time visiting Turkey? Here are our top eight reasons to convince you to plan this trip...
Malawi Resort and spa

The Best Beach Retreat and Lodge in Malawi for a Digital Detox

There’s nothing quite like a vacation of blissful days filled with sun, sand, and splash to make you forget about your phone and the rest of civilization. Fortunately, this beach retreat and lodge in Malawi is the perfect place to do just that! Malawi is known as ‘The Warm Heart of Africa’ for its balmy tropical climate and friendly people. And, while it might be one of Southern Africa’s...
Best Countries to travel to in europe

The European Travel Championship: Group vs. Group

If you're a sporting fan, a football or soccer fan, or just a fan of competition in general, you'll likely be tuning in to watch the 16th UEFA European Championship. The worldwide event kicks off on Friday, with Italy and Turkey facing each other to begin the journey. Here at Travel Magazine, we thought we'd try to put a spin on the championship for our readers and take a look at traveling...
Best Literary Destinations in England

7 Destinations Every Literary-Lover Needs to Visit in England

Most readers love a good romantic poem, and we don’t just mean poems about love and relationships. Any literature nerd knows that romantic poems - that is, poems from the romanticism movement -  are approachable yet dramatic, nature focused yet with tons of inward reflection. Some of the most well-known poems come from this movement, and for good reason! The authors of this movement were inspired by gorgeous scenic locations all around England. Yet, when you look up romanticism locations in England, google autocorrects it to romantic locations, and that’s not cool! Thankfully, we’ve put together the perfect itinerary for any and all lovers of romanticism literature who are dying to see the sights in person. Here are seven famous Romantic locations - and recommendations for what to read while you’re there.
best weekend trips from portland

5 Scenic Weekend Getaways You Can Take From Portland, Oregon

Getting away for a weekend can feel like the perfect break from your every day, stagnant routine. You don’t have to take any extra time off work, it’s affordable, and you get to explore Oregon outside of Portland. Are you looking for scenic views to enjoy that summer weather? Here are five lovely weekend getaways you can take from Portland, Oregon. First, Mount Rainier National Park...
UAE solo female travel

Sleepless in the UAE: The Ultimate Solo Female Layover

A lot of things in this world can kill you but monotony is the biggest threat of all. Standing barefoot in the evening Dubai desert in 130-degree humidity to procure what would become the most refreshing Corona of my life, I smiled to myself for having pulled off the layover of all layovers. Desert sand coated my sweaty skin like a sticky sugar donut. My boarding pass was damp, but....
Mount Nemrut Headless Gods

Mount Nemrut’s Headless Gods

Are you thinking about where to travel to after you've been fully vaccinated? As we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel for this Covid-19 pandemic, I am sure we are all thinking about that long-awaited vacation. And if you like to travel to unknown destinations, with perhaps an ancient site dating back to the 1st century BC, well, think no more and consider taking a trip to Mount Nemrut, Turkey...
Small group travel

What To Expect From Small Group Travel

Traveling for the first time, or the first time solo can be pretty daunting, so opting for traveling around in a small, organized group can be a great way to explore a new destination, without the stress of having to plan everything yourself. You’ve spent hours looking at destinations, reading reviews, and selecting your small group operator. You’ve packed up your backpack and...
Mardin, Turkey

The Hidden Gem that is Mardin, Turkey

What is the first place you think of when someone mentions Turkey? Of course, it's going to be Istanbul. Don't get me wrong; I love Istanbul. But what if I said you could go to a spot in Turkey, get all the cultural experiences, get treated like royalty, with warm weather, and have fantastic food. Well, Look no further than Mardin. Here are some reasons to explore another side of Turkey...
top places to see uae

8 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the UAE

The UAE constantly stuns and mesmerizes the world with its incredible skylines and wonders, both manmade and natural. Dubai was leading the travel brigade with wonders like the Burj Khalifa and the Palm Islands, but the other countries are not far behind now. The UAE is a remarkable coalescence of the most incredible architectural gallery, enchanting water bodies, parks, zoos, and much more...