Travel Magazine About us

Who we are

Travel Magazine is a publication for those who believe that in order to find yourself, first you need to get lost.

We’re a team of travelers who aspire to experience all that this little blue ball has to offer. From its most dreamy landscapes to its most delicious bites to its most hidden cultures, nothing and nowhere is too obscure.

The world is a huge place with so much to see. Our mission is to show you some of those places, so you can book that one-way ticket to explore them and maybe even explore a bit of who you are along the way.

Go boldly.

Our history

We were created in 2018, but we’ve been traveling for decades longer than that.

We were founded on the belief that other online travel publications didn’t go deep enough into the world’s obscurities. And let’s be honest, the world is a pretty obscure place.

Travel Magazine took aim at writing about some of the more hidden parts of travel. Secret places. Hidden foods. Back roads to take.

Between our team of writers, we’ve traveled to the North Pole and South, leaped from the highest commercial bungee jump in the world, trekked the mountaintops of the Andes, wandered the rice fields of China, safaried the Serengeti, and so much more.

The more we travel, the more we realize that there is so much more to see in this world than one person can manage in a lifetime. But amongst all of us, perhaps we can see and share enough to help other travelers decide which places are most important to them, to help them live their most fulfilled lives.

We’re always looking for travel writers to join our team and share their stories so if you’re interested, please get in touch. We’d absolutely love to hear from you.

– The Travel Magazine Team