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lighthouse on beach

The 10 Most Relaxing Vacations to Take in the USA

Taking a vacation to a sunny beach does not necessarily mean that you will have a relaxing time, especially if it is a popular crowded vacation destination in a tourist hot spot. If you are looking for a more stress-free holiday, here is a list of ten places in the USA you can go to be at peace and get away from it all...
Cannon Beach at Night

5 Weekend Getaway Ideas on the Oregon Coast

Ready for a weekend getaway? The Oregon Coast is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the US and has so much to offer visitors. And the best part is there’s something for everyone – whether you’re looking for a romantic, quiet getaway or an adventure-filled weekend. Here are five weekend getaway ideas on the Oregon Coast you can plan quickly and easily. 1...
girl swinging in bali

The 6 Best All-Inclusive Vacation Destinations

An all-inclusive vacation is necessary every few years. It’s a way to travel and explore without too much planning. You get to show up to a beautiful resort and have accommodations, drinks, food, and sometimes activities, all taken care of. If that sounds like the relaxing trip you need right now, we’ve got you covered. Here are the six best all-inclusive vacation destinations across the globe...

5 Ways To Make Your Vacation More Sustainable

Ecotourism is one of the fastest-growing trends in the travel industry right now, with travelers across the world considering how they can reduce their environmental impact while still witnessing the wonders of the world. Though the following measures may seem small and simple, any effort to reduce our carbon footprint collectively will relieve the pressure on our planet’s resources.
Reasons to visit Sonoma

7 Reasons to Visit Sonoma County This Summer

When most people think of Californian summer vacations, they automatically picture Lake Tahoe or Napa Valley. Well, we’re here to make a case for Sonoma County to be your getaway this summer! Not only is Sonoma County less crowded, but it also has just as much to offer as the other popular California destinations! Here are seven undeniable reasons why you need...

5 US Cities Searching for Flights More Than Any Others, Based on Search Data

It’s been a long time since many Americans have started searching for flights, but the time has come to plan a trip. We’re seeing data from Google that says that many Americans have been searching for flights, both international and domestic in order to see family members, reunite with friends, or simply to get away from it all and book a fantastic vacation getaway...
Best places to Cycle in Hawaii

Hawaii for Active Travelers: Where to Bike on The Big Island

If you’re an active traveler, you’re going to love the Big Island of Hawaii. There are so many beautiful scenic spots to explore on the island. And one of the best ways to explore Hawaii is on a bike. Depending on which route you take, you might end up at a waterfall, on a gorgeous ocean cliff, in a jungle rainforest, or biking up a volcano. If that sounds like...
top places to see uae

8 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the UAE

The UAE constantly stuns and mesmerizes the world with its incredible skylines and wonders, both manmade and natural. Dubai was leading the travel brigade with wonders like the Burj Khalifa and the Palm Islands, but the other countries are not far behind now. The UAE is a remarkable coalescence of the most incredible architectural gallery, enchanting water bodies, parks, zoos, and much more...
Miami beach sunny day

Beaching on a Budget: How to Plan a Beach Trip Without Breaking the Bank

Taking a beach vacation doesn’t have to break the bank; there are plenty of ways you can plan for a trip that will allow you and your family to have fun without spending a ton of money. The key is to do a bit of homework beforehand and think about the easiest ways to save, such as planning your trip at a time of year that’s considered “off-season.” If you’re headed to places like Miami, this is especially important as these destinations are often flooded with tourists during certain months.
Sedona in spring

The 10 Most Beautiful US Cities to Visit in the Spring

Spring marks the end of the cold winter and the start of many warmer days to come. Traveling during the spring is magical as you get to watch the flowers bloom and the sun come out. It’s also a perfect opportunity to take in many popular American cities before the waves of summer tourists come in. If you are itching for a spring vacation, we’ve found the 10 most...
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