things to eat in vietnam

When you travel to Vietnam, your taste buds will likely be set on trying the pho bo and pho ga, and you won’t be disappointed. Don’t kid yourself though – there are a lot of other foods you need to sink your teeth into when visiting this amazing country.

Take a look at the five best Vietnamese foods you need to try when you visit Vietnam.

#1. Egg Coffee

We’re sure that like pho, you’ve already tried Vietnamese coffee. It’s an amazing mix of delicious coarse ground dark beans and condensed milk. The sweet and strong mix is heavenly. But what you may not have tried yet, and need to taste when you get to Vietnam, is egg coffee.

Egg coffee, or Cà phê trứng as it’s known in Vietnam, consists of egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk and robusta coffee. The yolks are beaten with sugar and coffee to form a light, delicious foam. You can order one in cafes throughout Hanoi, and parts of Ho Chi Minh City.

#2. Bun Cha

This is our favorite dish in Vietnam. Bún chả consists of barbecued pork patties, noodles, pork belly, herbs, and a sweet dipping sauce to tie it all together. Order it in Hanoi, where the dish originates from. It’s another stellar mix of sweet and savory that you’ll find throughout the country. This is a filling dish, so eat slowly and take a break if it’s weighing you down. You won’t be disappointed.

#3. White Rose

You’ll find a lot of rice paper in Hoi An, and one of the best ways to eat it is in the form of a white rose dumpling. These small dumplings each contain a meat or shrimp filling in the center, and are encased in rice paper. They’re sprinkled with fried garlic on top and served with a sweet sauce for dipping. You’ll only find these in Hoi An, so be sure to stop for a plate or two when you’re in the city.

#4. Banh Mi

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, this one hits the spot. Banh mi is all the flavors of Vietnam packed into one hearty sandwich. Don’t let the gigantic baguette fool you – while you may be tempted to share, this is meant to be a single serving. There are many different varieties and kinds of banh mi to choose from, but we’d recommend going with the mega-packed everything included variety. Typical ingredients include layers of pork, sliced meat, shredded cured pork skin, pate, pickled vegetables, cucumbers, cilantro and plenty of chillies. We’ve had banh mi up and down Vietnam, you’ll find a great sandwich in almost every corner of the country.

#5. Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo translates to “sizzling cake” so you can imagine what you’re getting yourself into. While it’s called a savory pancake, it’s actually more the texture of an omelet in our opinion. The soft shell holds shrimp, onions, pork, bean sprouts and lots of other tasty ingredients. Try it when you visit Ho Chi Minh. You can even go where Anthony Bourdain visited at 46A Banh Xeo.

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