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Coronavirus is officially a global pandemic. Most governments are encouraging their citizens to avoid any unnecessary travel and to practice social distancing. In such a difficult time, safety should be everyone’s top priority. This article is not here to tell you to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is however here to offer you some options, like how to book free cancelation, no risk, no money down travel for late 2020. That way if the pandemic ends, you’ll have a discounted trip awaiting you – and if it hasn’t, you can cancel with no penalties.

Scroll down to see the booking strategy, but first…

Stay Informed

It’s also essential that people don’t fall for fear-mongering tactics either. Keep yourself informed on the circumstances with reliable news sources and stay up-to-date with the real statistics on the situation.

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is a new infectious disease to humans that was never previously identified. Without previous data on the condition, it’s hard to predict what the next few weeks or months will look like. But, the hope is, that with all the proactive measures individuals are taking, the virus will eventually peak and lessen. The 2009 flu pandemic (swine flu) saw an eventual conclusion, as have many other similar situations in the past.

Looking to the Future

Hopefully, the situation will be resolved by the summer months. Or, at least contained to the point that it’s no longer such an immediate threat. You may have paused booking your summer or winter travel plans. Flights and hotels might be cheap right now, but no one wants to take on the risk. 

Well, we have a solution for you. 

Risk-Free Bookings

Right now, many hotels are offering anywhere from 10-50% off their regular prices due to the limited influx of bookings. This makes booking late-2020 travel right now a great opportunity. 

If you’ve ever booked on Expedia, you’ve likely seen that they frequently have hotel offerings with a “Free Cancellation, Reserve Now, Pay Later” offer. With this offer, you don’t pay anything upfront, you lock in the total price, and you can cancel up to 48 hours before your arrival date.

Expedia travel hack

Of course, Expedia doesn’t offer this promotion for every single hotel. But, you should be able to find the offer on at least one-third of hotels in most major cities. 

Expedia travel hacks

Make sure when you select your hotel, you choose the room that adheres to the “Free Cancellation, Reserve Now, Pay Later” promotion. Often, Expedia will offer a cheaper rate if you’re willing to pay upfront for a nonrefundable stay. Also, watch out for the offers that are “Free Cancellation,” but still force you to pay upfront today. 

In uncertain times such as these, we don’t recommend either of these options. Stick to the “Free Cancellation, Reserve Now, Pay Later” offer.

Expedia free cancellation policy

After making the booking, you will receive an email from Expedia confirming your stay. Take a look at the email to make sure everything is correct, stating that you’re allowed to cancel up to 48 hours before your arrival date. 

Expedia travel hacks

One thing to note is as you don’t pay upfront, it will be the hotel that collects your fees when you check-in. And, the hotel will be charging you in their local currency. For example, if you booked a trip to Montreal for $500 CAD total, the hotel will charge you in Canadian Dollars.

What Are You Waiting For?

You’re all set! You have just locked in a cheap hotel price for a potential vacation later in 2020. It’s a win-win situation. You aren’t paying for anything up front; you’re just making tentative plans while locking in a good rate. 

So whether you were considering going to New York or New Zealand in late 2020, it can still be a possibility! We recommend you lock in your hotels and don’t book the flights until things have calmed down. The thought of future travel plans can help boost your mood and give you something positive to focus on and look forward to. Everyone can use a bit of a mood booster right now!