things to do in puglia italy

If you want to find the best food in any country, go where the locals go.

This is one of the tips we tell travelers most often here on Travel Magazine. Watch for lines at restaurants and food stands, and then get in them. You’re pretty much guaranteed to enjoy what’s at the end of the wait.

The same can be said about vacations in general: go where the locals go. In Italy, that place is Puglia.

Italians have flocked to Puglia for years. It offers great food, great scenery, and great people.

Here are five things you should do in Puglia, Italy.

1. Visit Polignano a Mare

Known for its beaches including the white pebble beach at Lama Monachile, this town is located on the coast of Puglia just south of Bari. The churches, the museums, and the beaches are all first class.

2. See the old town in Ostuni

The whitewashed old town in Ostuni is simply breathtaking. The colorful window frames and beautiful streets will inspire you to take some amazing photos – and you don’t have to be a great photographer to get a great shot. Get lost in the maze of tiny, steep streets.

3. Admire the history of Otranto

Art and history buffs will absolutely love Otranto. Located in the province of Lecce, Otranto is home to amazing 12th-century mosaic floors of its Romanesque cathedral. The gorgeous waters set the perfect backdrop for this coastal town.

4. Stay in a Trulli

During your time in Puglia, you’re sure to notice the cone-shaped structures that are local to Alberobello. They continue to mystify historians as to their origins, but nevertheless, they make for some pretty amazing digs for your summer vacation.

5. Find a Spiaggia Libera

There are plenty of beaches in Puglia, the problem is many of them have paid entrance fees, paid chairs, and paid umbrellas. If you’re up for a challenge, head to one of the free beaches, or Spiaggia Libera. While they’re few and far between, they are out there – save your money for more important things, like food and drink!