Why You Should Book A Cruise to Antarctica for Your Next Family Vacation

You might have noticed a growing number of people and families visiting Antarctica on social media recently and wondered what the fuss is all about. Well, the fact that you can now easily book a luxury cruise to Antarctica has made traveling there much more realistic, especially when you have young ones to consider.

Considering the incredible wildlife, the scenery that makes you feel like you’re on another planet, and the fantastic food you’ll find on your cruise there – it’s surprising that the trend’s taken this long to catch on. We’ve also seen some pretty fabulous Antarctica cruise deals recently that have changed the entire planning experience.

So before you plan your family’s next adventure, check out our list of reasons you should visit Antarctica – including some pretty amazing Antarctic cruise itineraries for 2023.

The landscape is out of this world.

Antarctica’s scenery is unlike anywhere else. To start, it’s one of the most remote destinations you can visit, as the entire continent is covered in ice (about 98%, to be exact), making it one of the coldest and windiest – yet somehow still awe-inspiring places to visit. And yes, while you should bring plenty of layers of cozy clothing to stay warm, the sun still shines pretty strong here, so you’ll definitely want to pack some SPF.

Suppose you choose to take our suggestion and immediately book a proper Antarctica holiday with your family. In that case, you’ll wake up every morning to a new and dramatic view as you spend your days being greeted by beautiful mountains, glaciers, and crisp snow-covered slopes.

While the Antarctic views are as untouched and raw as it gets, you certainly won’t get bored. The icebergs are colored in stunning blues and whites – and the water is impossibly clear. This means that in many spots, you’ll be able to witness the incredible reflection of the mountains shimmering in the water below. And because there are no people that currently make the peninsula their full-time home, you may not spot a soul for days, other than other fellow adventure seekers on your ship, of course.

There is something to be said about the instant connection you’ll feel with nature when surrounded by nothing but the elements.

…obviously, this is even better when you have the luxury of retreating back to your cruise ship for a beautiful meal and glass of wine.

The insane cruise itinerary.

Most of the cruise itineraries start from Buenos Aires, Argentina, which as a side note, you’ll definitely want to carve out some time to visit before embarking on your trip.

As you spend your day sailing through the Antarctic waters, each day will present you with a new and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Viewing the beautiful Elephant Island and learning about the history behind this small yet important place where explorers in 1914 were stranded during a polar expedition is an absolute must. And yes! They all survived.

You can also expect a first-hand experience of touring the Gerlache Strait, Schollart Channel, and Paradise Bay. All equally magnificent stops during your cruise to Antarctica.

Of course, your cruise ship will also have a front-row view of the incredible Petzval Glacier at Skontorp Cove, which has a way of leaving you feeling instantly speechless.

If you’re worried about how often you’ll be able to get off the cruise ship to explore, luckily, most of the Antarctica cruises for 2023 thought of that as well. Your itinerary will likely include a stop at Ushuaia, where Tierra del Fuego National Park is located. You’ll also enjoy cruising around Cape Horn in Chile.

From hiking, taking a catamaran through the Beagle Channel, exploring the land around an active volcano, and of course, taking advantage of your ship’s many amenities and daily activities, your family will be wondering how you can possibly fit everything into one trip.

We thought the addition of ending the cruise to Antarctica with a stop in Montevideo in Uruguay was an amazing added bonus. It’s a great, vibrant city filled with beautiful beaches and delicious restaurants. After a few days out at sea, it feels like a much-needed warm and modern welcome.

Seeing the beautiful wildlife in their natural habitat

Our absolute favorite part of visiting Antarctica is the amazing wildlife you’ll be able to see here. The waters are breaming with seals, dolphins, penguins, and whales. Basically, an ocean lover’s dream. On land, you can expect to see some pretty exotic-looking seabirds as well.

If you visit during the right time of year, you’ll be able to witness the beautiful colonies of penguins just going about their day, which is something your whole family will remember forever. There is something so peaceful about watching these furry little creatures in their natural habitat.

While your cruise will definitely include an excursion to try and find humpback whales swimming through the waters, if you’re lucky enough, you might have the chance to see them from the cruise ship as well.

There are actually eight types of whales found in the area, so chances are you’ll be fortunate enough (depending on the time of year) to see one of these beautiful mammals up close.

The once in a lifetime adventure

Because Antarctica is still very much unexplored, you might just end up being the only person you know who has had the experience of visiting this stunning and mysterious place. How many locations (that you can travel through by cruise, nonetheless) can you really say that about? Of course, the fact that It doesn’t have a public airport for use as of yet also helps the continent keep its alluring air of mystery.

As many of us here have discovered, the road less traveled is usually the one most worth the trip.

And for you hikers, maybe you’ll even be one of the few to attempt the climb at Mount Vinson during your travels, which is the highest peak in all of Antarctica. To date, only 1,200 people have actually made the trek.

With as many decisions as there are in your day for you to make, we hope our love letter to Antarctica has made your decision of where to take your family’s next vacation a little bit easier.