What to Expect When You Visit the Old Town Square in Prague

prague old town square

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Prague is one of our favorite cities in Europe.

It’s home to stunning buildings and architecture, beautiful bridges, and of course, some of the best beer in all of Europe.

Prague, like many European capitals, has an old town that’s bustling with life. It’s Old Town Square is its culturally most significant square, built in the 12th century and having witnessed many important historical events.

You can expect to find lots of people transversing the Old Town Square when you visit, so don’t expect a quiet stroll. Prague has become a tourist hot spot. If you’re looking for something with a slower pace, you might want to try visiting Slovenia to the south.

Whether you mean to visit it or not, at some point during your stay in Prague you’ll cross the Old Town Square. Here’s what to expect when you visit.

1. Spires everywhere

Prague is often nicknamed the City of a Hundred Spires, and that’s for good reason. Everywhere you turn, you’ll find a sharp looking tower or church like the one pictured below.

spires in prague

The funny thing about the nickname is that it’s actually underestimating the number of spires in the city. There are actually somewhere between 500 and 1000 spires, towers, turrets and steeples in the city of Prague. You can probably make out 50 alone in the photo above!

2. A bumpy walk

Like many old towns across Europe, you might need to watch your step.

The stones in Pragues Old Town Square are, well…old. They’re also extremely symbolic in some cases, and as beautiful as a stepping stone could be – so keep your eyes on the ground for safety, as well as amazement.

stone in prague square

In the pavement of the square are memorial stones marking the execution of 27 Czech lords in 1621, as well as the Prague meridian. So yes, to reiterate – watch your step!

3. The biggest audience for a clock you’ve ever seen

I think more people might be interested Prague’s famous astronomical clock than Big Ben – the crowds get pretty busy.

Also known locally as the Prague Orloj, the clock was first installed in 1410. This makes it the third oldest clock of its kind in the world, and yes, in 2010 the city had a wicked 600th birthday party for it.

prague astronomical clock in old town square

4. Some stunning views in the evening

Don’t just visit during the day like most tourists. Come back to Prague’s Old Town Square in the evening for some terrific views.

prague old town at night

Sitting amongst such amazing buildings for a few minutes is unforgettable. Old Town Hall, the Church of Our Lady before Týn, the Baroque Church of St Nicholas, and the Rococo Kinský Palace are all worth examining as you sip a warm beverage of your choice.

5. Price-gouging

prague beer

Speaking of beverages, the Old Town Square might not be the best place for a drink or a meal. Prague is known for being an affordable city for beer drinkers, but you might want to wander down one of the nearby alleyways for a Hladinka (Smooth) Pour. If you don’t know what that is, you’re in for a real treat. Learn how to drink beer in the Czech Republic here. If it’s a cocktail you’re after one of the 7 best bars in the world is in Prague, Hemingway fans will love it.

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