Tourism is Down Worldwide, Especially in These 5 Places

tourism down because of coronavirus

With the coronavirus on the rise in places like Europe and North America, there are many popular tourist destinations that are seeing low tourism numbers. Destinations that normally attract hundreds of thousands of people a day are getting hit hard, as consumers stay home or look to vacation in less populous destinations. These 5 places are having a hard time in particular.

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1. Italy

Italy is not only limiting visitors from outside the country, but it’s also limiting movement within the country to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Soccer matches are being played in empty stadiums, once immensely populated tourist attractions are now ghost towns, and people are being encouraged to stay home. The country is even suspending mortgage payments, offering a debt holiday to workers who can’t participate in the workforce while the country tries to get a grip on the spread.

2. South Korea

One of the hardest-hit countries by the virus, South Korea has had a hard time controlling the spread of COVID-19. Ski resorts and tourist attractions are extremely quiet right now, as the country’s tourism industry has often depended on travelers coming from Japan and China – areas that have also been hit by the coronavirus.

3. Japan

With Japan seeing rising coronavirus numbers, they’re having to limit the crowd sizes for torch-carrying at the Olympics, and have canceled their annual Cherry Blossom Festival. The big story to watch here is the Olympics themselves, which the IOC is considering running without spectators, postponing, or even canceling altogether.

4. Disneyland

Disney’s stock has taken a tumble since the outbreak began, in large part due to the fear that visitors at their parks will come in less volume. Parks make up a large portion of Disney’s business, so low attendance is sure to hurt the bottom line.

5. Las Vegas

MGM just announced they’d be shutting down all of their buffets in Las Vegas to try to limit the spread of the virus in the city, but with March Madness and other big gatherings like UFC fights and Boxing Matches taking place over the coming months, it’s hard not to imagine people postponing trips to Las Vegas.
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