There is No Quarantine Required in These Caribbean Countries

caribbean islands opening

The Caribbean is opening its doors to tourists faster than most areas of the world, with 10 countries not requiring a quarantine for foreign travelers anymore. If you’re looking for a place to getaway to, these are the spots in the Caribbean most open to tourists.


US citizens need to submit a negative test and an application 10 days prior to landing.


You’ll need to show a negative test 12-72 hours prior to traveling.


Once you’ve registered on the government website, you’ll need a negative test and health insurance.

Turks and Caicos

You’ll need to provide a negative test upon arrival.


Negative test required 24 to 72 hours prior to arrival, and an online health questionnaire needs to be accepted.


Negative test 72 hours before and a form submitted 24 hours prior to travel needed.

The Dominican Republic

No test required, however they’ll be taking breath samples from 3% to 10% of travelers, and anyone who shows symptoms.

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