bahamas opening

Ahead of their October 15th reopening date, the islands of The Bahamas have announced new entry requirements for travelers looking to catch some rays this fall.

First, the country is asking visitors and returning citizens to get a COVID test at a minimum of a week before traveling. They’ll also be required to take a test as soon as they land in The Bahamas, and another four days later.

Between now and October 31, travelers will be asked to stay at their vacation destination for 14 days OR the duration of their stay, whichever is shorter. The idea here is that The Bahamas want travelers to remain in one location so that if they do end up testing positive, there will be as little contact as possible.

After November 1, this restriction is set to be lifted. This would allow every tourist to travel across the island and not be limited to one resort.

If you’re looking to travel to The Bahamas soon, here’s the travel health visa application. You might want to consider waiting until November however, it seems like things might open up a bit more by then.

If you don’t want to travel to The Bahamas, at least enjoy the views of the islands on Travel Magazine.