The 9 Best Countries For Solo Travel

traveling alone

Traveling alone is the best way to see the world the way you want.

Solo travel gives you the opportunity to tailor a vacation to your own tastes and preferences. The only thing you have to focus on is having a good time.

When you’re going it alone, be sure to connect with the culture to feel less like an outsider. Try to learn as much of the local language as possible before leaving on your trip, or stick to places where communication is relatively easy. This will make sure you feel as comfortable and safe as possible.

If you’ve never traveled by yourself before, here are some more tips on how to travel alone for the first time. If you have been on a solo trip, you know how great traveling alone can be and you’re probably wondering where to head next. Either way, you’re reading the right article. These are the nine best countries for solo travel.

1. Canada


Canada is the world’s second largest country, a tough feat for someone traveling on their own. It’s a lot to take in. Do your research beforehand to ensure you’re seeing everything you want to see. Halifax, located in the province of Nova Scotia, is full of charm. Montreal, Quebec, is a historic spot boasting award-winning cafés and restaurants.

When you’re traveling solo, meeting new people on the road is usually a top priority. Canadians are a welcoming bunch, so no matter where you find yourself in this country, you’re not too far from making a new friend. The best place to meet new people, as you can imagine, is often at a watering hole. Check out clubs in Toronto or bars in Vancouver for some nightlife options, and write down these areas of town to visit in Vancouver:

  • Gastown (Oldest Neighborhood in Vancouver)
  • Yaletown (Posh)
  • Granville Street (Party Central)
  • Commercial Drive (Where Little Italy Meets Hipsters)

2. New Zealand

new zealand

Aside from being the setting of the films in the popular Lord of the Rings franchise, New Zealand is a land of opportunity for those solo travelers who are craving adventure. The country has glaciers, rainforests, and the peaks of the Southern Alps to explore. From bungee jumping to hiking, you’re bound to meet like-minded travelers doing what you love most. Check out these insane, incredible, and life-changing things you can do in New Zealand for some more ideas.

For the most insane item on the list, watch the AJ Hackett Bungy video below. It’s the ultimate solo adventure activity – if you back out last minute, there’s no one with you to remember your cowardice!

3. Ireland


Ireland is great a great country to visit if you’re traveling alone. There are plenty of opportunities to meet locals and fellow travelers alike. Walk down Grafton Street in Dublin on a literary tour or stop in at any of the pubs across the country in order to immerse yourself in Irish culture and potentially make a few new friends along the way. It is one of the best cities in the world for a night out, after all. Ireland is home to numerous bed & breakfasts that are sure to make your solo stay a cozy one.

4. Costa Rica

costa rica

Costa Rica is known for being one of the happiest places in the world, due in large part to the friendly nature of the locals. Surf the Pacific Coast or do something even more daring – cliff diving, waterfall rappelling, and ziplining are three fantastic options. The adventure is limitless, with an array of exciting activities at your fingertips.

The country is home to one of the top ten travel adventure experiences, white water rafting on the Reventazón or Pacuare rivers. If you want to go rafting when you visit (and you should definitely make it a priority) you’ll need to know a few things:

  • Don’t visit from mid-March to mid-May, as the water conditions won’t be optimal.
  • Stay in the boat.  

Follow those two rules and you should be good to go! (As long as you don’t flip, like this group 👇)

5. Austria


Austria, specifically the city of Vienna, is small and compact in nature, making it simple for the solo traveler to get around. Check out the array of concert halls, museums, and cafés throughout the area. Salzburg is even smaller than Vienna, but the people are just as welcoming. The rail network lets you explore the country with ease. Austria is also one of the best places in the world to grab a cup of coffee, with coffee houses dating back to the 17th century.

Recommended coffee shop – Cafe Landtmann, founded in 1873. Here’s a fun fact to help you strike up a conversation while you’re traveling alone: It was the preferred coffee house of Sigmund Freud.

6. Iceland


Iceland is widely regarded as one of the safest places in the world (as long as you bring a jacket). Visitors traveling on their own need not worry when exploring this stunning country, the chances of you encountering crime or harsh weather conditions are extremely low. Go swimming at the Blue Lagoon or ride Icelandic horses across rugged terrain.

Don’t forget your smartphone – Iceland is the ultimate Instagram trip. Get ready for lots of solo-selfies!  

7. Japan


Japan is well-equipped for the solo traveler. There are ample lodgings built for single visitors, sushi restaurants are set up for those eating alone, you can’t speak while meditating in a Zen garden anyways, and communal hot spring baths are the perfect place to encounter other travelers. There are so many stunning sites to see in Japan, the city of Tokyo is as fascinating as Mount Fuji.

If you ever win the lottery, one of the most luxurious train trips in the world is based in Japan – solo travelers welcome. The train designer says that the train “is like a spacecraft bound for a journey to discover the unknown.” So that’s something. 

Here’s a preview of what you can expect on the train.

8. Switzerland


Switzerland is a destination that encourages spending time with yourself. The country is quiet and peaceful, perfect for enjoying the amazing scenery. Zurich is pedestrian-friendly, so bring good walking shoes.

Be sure to head south to Lake Geneva when you visit Switzerland, it’s the perfect spot for solo travelers. The area is full of nightlife, museums, and delicious bistros – plenty of opportunities to meet locals and fellow travelers. Switzerland is also home to one of the best spas in the world, Clinique La Prairie, if you’re looking to treat yourself (you deserve it).

9. Australia


Backpacking through the country, especially along the East Coast, is a good way to see Oz, and a great way to meet other solo travelers you can swap stories and recommendations with. With plenty of hostels and hotels to choose from, traveling Australia is quite manageable for the solo traveler. It’s very easy to find lodging on the fly, so you can stick to your hectic schedule or make it up as you go. There are a ton of once-in-a-lifetime experiences you can only have in Australia – start ticking them off your bucket list!

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