The 5 Best Restaurants in Vienna, Austria

the best restaurants in vienna austria

Vienna is one of the best cities for food in the world. It’s home to delicious sausage, savory schnitzel, and five-star restaurants that are sure to leave an impression. When you visit this amazing city, be sure to plan out a few special meals for you and your loved ones. Here are five restaurants to consider when you visit Vienna.

1. Ludwig van

We just completed an extensive tour of Vienna, Budapest, Prague and Berlin with Maupintour, and this was our favorite dining experience on the entire trip. Ludwig van is an homage to traditional Austrian cuisine. The Poached Trout, Esgargot, and Fried Chicken Liver were highlights, but this is a restaurant where you can’t go wrong. Go with whatever the Chef recommends. They also have one of the best selections of fine wines in all of the city.

2. Figlmuller

This is the home of schnitzel. You can’t visit Vienna without dining on this fried cuisine at least once or twice, so you might as well visit the best schnitzel restaurant in the city. It’s premium veal fried golden brown in lard – need we say more?

3. ef16

This is a restaurant that celebrates everything that is Vienna. Food is sourced from local farmers and suppliers in the surrounding area. The dishes are creative, innovative, and presented brilliantly. Try the Grilled Sea Bass, Burrata with Caramelized Peaches and Asparagus (pictured), and finish with the Fruit Sorbet in Honeycomb. It’s exquisite.

4. Door No. 8

This is the place for steak lovers. Door No. 8 is serving all their meats cooked in a slow, low-temperature cooking process, so the meats retain their flavors as much as possible. They’re then finished in a 1000 degree griller that gives your meat that delicious crust to round out the perfect steak.

5. Steirereck

Voted as one of the top 50 restaurants in the world by Fine Dining Lovers, Steirereck is constantly searching for the aromas and flavors of Austria. The decor is amazing, you’ll eat surrounded by greenery in a five-star setting. Try the Wild Boar, the Courgettes and Spelt, and the Cherries with Forest Mushrooms, Pistachios and Malt.