The 20 Best Things to Do in Jamaica

Van on Jamaican Coastline

It’s officially that time of year when many of us are counting down the minutes until we can get out of the cold and escape to a beautiful, warm, and sunny paradise.

If Jamaica’s on your list of places to visit, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done the hard work for you by rounding up all the best things to do in Jamaica and where you can find them.

Just let the thought of you sitting on a beach…. swimming in that clear blue water, carry you through the rest of your work week.

1. Spend the day at Seven Mile Beach

A beach that has rightfully earned its name due to its long stretches of soft white sand and turquoise waters. Many have even gone so far as to name this the most beautiful beach in Jamaica; believe us, it’s hard not to play favorites after spending the day soaking in everything this blissful location offers.

If you’re looking to get into some snorkeling or scuba diving while visiting, Seven Mile Beach is also the perfect spot to explore some of the fantastic underwater life this island offers.

 We know it’ll quickly become one of your favorite places to visit in Jamaica.

2. Swim in the “Washing Machine Pools” at Reach Falls

Of course, the main attraction of Reach Falls is the incredible natural waterfall. But the scenic hike and underwater cave you’ll find there might be a pretty close second. Residing in the Montane Forrest, part of the allure of this attraction in Jamaica is how instantly secluded you’ll feel among the lush greenery and sounds of the forest around you.

And yes, we almost forgot to mention the pools at the bottom of the falls, which earned their nickname from the jets of water that make you feel like you stepped into a luxurious, natural jacuzzi bath.

3. Watch the cliff divers at Rick’s Café

Out of all the things to do in Jamaica, we’re sure you’ve heard of Rick’s Café. It’s a fabulous spot to sit back, have a cocktail while the sun sets, and watch those brave souls willing to jump off the surrounding cliffs.

4. Book a boat tour through the Blue Lagoon

Part of the magic of visiting this natural wonder is watching the water in the lagoon physically change colors. At any point in the day, it can go from turquoise to darker blue as the sun changes positions, and it’s nothing short of magic.

It’s worth booking a tour when visiting the lagoon, if not just to hear the stories of its past as you sail through its mystical waters.

5. Experience the healing powers of Doctors Cave Beach

While this attraction in Jamaica has all of the makings of the absolute perfect beach day, it’s also a lot more than that. Initially only able to be accessed via a cave, they’ve managed to keep some of the allure of its seclusion by charging an admission fee to visit. We promise it’s well worth your time and 6 dollars to visit this dreamy beach.  

While they haven’t been able to exactly prove the claims of its healing waters made by a doctor in the 1906s, we’re willing to bet that just spending an afternoon soaking in these calm, clear blue waters will make anyone feel better than they did when they arrived.

6. Go Hiking in the Blue Mountains

It’s not often you find an incredible beach destination paired with scenic mountain views, and for that, we have the Blue Mountains to thank.

If you’re into hiking, the best part of this mountain range is that there are trails for every skill level, inns, and delicious restaurants along the way.

Our recommendation as big sunrise people? Plan to arrive the evening before and spend an overnight at one of the cozy lodges. Or you can go all out and book a night at the luxurious Strawberry inn, which fits perfectly among the stunning, rugged mountain views around it. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready for the beautiful hike awaiting you in one of our favorite places to visit in Jamaica.

7. Spend time exploring Negril

While Negril is definitely one of the more popular spots to visit on our list of the best things to do in Jamaica, it’s still very much a worthwhile addition. If you’re looking to stay at a swoon-worthy resort, spend the day at one of the area’s famous beaches, eat dinner at an amazing restaurant featuring local cuisine, or dance all night at a beach party, then you’ve come to the right place.

Negril has everything you’ve even partially considered for your trip to Jamaica and somehow still manages to have held onto the serenity of a smaller island.

8. Eat jerk chicken in Boston Bay

Okay, so there’s more to do in Boston Bay than eat jerked-styled food, but you can’t leave here without having sampled some of it. So don’t worry if chicken isn’t your thing; there are plenty of other options like jerk-lobster and jerk-pork. All paired perfectly with a nice, cold red stripe.

And, of course, we can’t rave about Boston Bay without talking about the waves. Boston Bay is known for having some of the best surfing in Jamaica. While it might be a small bay, it makes up for the variety of Jamaican activities you can find there.

9. Go rafting on the Martha Brae River

Floating along the picturesque Martha Brae River on a bamboo raft Is an experience you won’t want to miss. During your 3-mile-long ride, you can enjoy the leisure of relaxing and learning about the history of Martha Brae or take our suggestion and cool down with a dip in the water.

10. Relax and wind down at Treasure Beach

If you’re looking for a relaxing day at the beach, away from the hustle and bustle of tourism, this timeless string of coral-colored beaches is it. Filled with fishermen and artists, it’s a great way to get a taste of the local life in Jamaica. However, don’t let the laid-back vibes lead you to think you’ll be bored. There are plenty of Jamaican activities throughout Treasure beach’s four coves to fill your days up with.

We also suggest taking a boat ride out to Pelican Bar for drinks and enjoying the sun as it sets on another perfect day.

11. Experience true Rasta culture at the Dub Club

You’ll notice this is one of the only “nighttime” activities on our list of the best places to visit in Jamaica, and understandably so when the island is so beautiful during the daytime. However, the live music, fun people, and good food are all we need to say to convince you to go to the Dub Club. Not to mention the beautiful view you’ll experience at night going up the mountain to get there.

There’s nothing like sitting at the bar, experiencing the happy Jamaican vibes around you, and looking down at the city of Kingston below you.

It’s an event that will stay with you long after you’ve left.

12. Visit the Bob Marley Museum

You didn’t think we could talk about all the best things to do in Jamaica without bringing up Bob Marley, did you?

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the pioneer of reggae music, you’ve come to the right place. Visiting the home of Bob Marley is a genuinely immersive experience in the Rastafarian Culture. During your tour, you’ll learn about his life and the history of the culture in Kingston, and even get to view his music studio.

13. Explore the wildlife in the Black River Great Morass

The Great Morass is Jamaica’s largest surviving wetland and home to the Jamaican Crocodile. The natural beauty and diverse wildlife found there also make it one of the most unique places to visit in Jamaica.

There is something to be said about the peacefulness you can find while on a safari adventure, seeing animals in their natural habitat (but in the comfort of a tour guide). So while you can plan a fishing trip or book a riverboat tour in the morass, we suggest going all out and planning a safari trip. Also, how many people can say they visited Jamaica and went on a safari?

14. Drink Rum at the Hampden Great House Estate

Now’s your time to shine for all you rum drinkers out there. The drive out to Hampden makes it a top attraction in Jamaica as you pass through beautiful unpaved roads of cane fields and tunnels of bamboo. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time at the distillery while you hear about their long-standing process of turning fermented sugarcane into the delicious rum you can sample.

15. Take a plunge at Mayfield Falls

It’s often said that the hardest destinations to get to are the most worthwhile. Mayfield Falls is no exception.

Often described as a “water playground,” this is the perfect Jamaica activity for anyone looking to add a little adventure to their day. With multiple waterfalls, thick beautiful greenery, and swimmable pools to explore, it’s one of the most magical experiences you’ll have during your trip.

16. Experience a true Jamaican beach day at Winnifred Beach

If you’re looking to experience the simplicity and happy vibes of a truly authentic Jamaican beach, then please take advantage of spending the day at Winnifred Beach.

This beach has managed to stay true to its roots, and you’ll feel instantly at ease here checking out one of the local food spots for grilled lobster and a red stripe after spending an afternoon wading in the too-good-to-be-true clear blue water.

17. Climb Dunn’s River Falls

While you don’t necessarily have to climb the iconic Dunn River Falls to appreciate its true magnificence, we think it’s worthwhile considering if you’re up for the added adventure. A stunning natural waterfall with multiple pools of water makes the falls a beautiful place to spend an afternoon.

Did we mention that the river from the falls ends in the ocean where the beach begins, resulting in one amazing view? Some even go as far as to call this Jamaican activity the island’s most recognized landmark, and understandably so.

18. Go Rafting at Rio Grande

Finding family-fun activities that everyone in your group will enjoy can be difficult, so we felt compelled to fill you in on the rafting experience you’ll have floating down one of Jamaica’s longest rivers.

The best part? You don’t have to do a thing other than sit back and relax as you are transported down a beautiful view of the river.

19. Book a tee time at White Witch Golf Course

If you’re a golfer, this is a course you aren’t going to want to miss. With 16 of its 18 holes having ocean views, it’s a spectacular way to spend the morning. Not to mention that it sits on Rose Hall Estate, a piece of architectural history.

That’s two things to cross off your bucket list if you ask us.

20. Take a day trip to Falmouth

Falmouth is probably not what you picture when you think of places to visit in Jamaica. However, it is one of the best places to see if you’re looking to truly immerse yourself in how some locals live. Vendors line the streets selling authentic local goods, and the city makes up for its lack of curb appeal with its vibrant history, kind locals, and Georgian architecture.

So while you could very much spend your days relaxing at one of Jamaica’s many beautiful resorts (we wouldn’t blame you if you did), there are plenty of things to do in Jamaica that will have you instantly dreaming of your next trip back.

Happy vacation planning.

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