national parks open to veterans

Today is Veterans Day, and to show gratitude to those who’ve fought and served our country, the US government has decided to update their policies for National Park entry fees. Starting today, November 11, 2020, Veterans and Gold Star Families (those who have lost a family member in service) will be granted free access to all National Parks, always, on all days.

It was free for every American to enter US National Parks today on Veteran’s Day, but this decision allows Veterans and Gold Star Family members to enter free of charge any day. It’s a small offering, but the message is great: if you fought, or a loved one fought and fell for America, you should be allowed to enter all public lands free of charge.

Active duty military members have always had this privilege, but extending it to Veterans and Gold Star Families is a great step further.

Of the 419 US National Parks, 111 currently charge an entry fee.

“America’s public lands are among the most beautiful natural wonders in the world, and their importance to Americans has only grown during the ongoing pandemic,” said Senator Angus King (ME), a ranking member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee on National Parks. “America’s Gold Star Families have made unimaginable sacrifices for the safety of our country, and we should do everything possible to help them heal.”