4 Adventure Activities You Need to Try in South Africa

adventure activities in south africa

South Africa has it all. Natural beauty, friendly people, amazing culture, and history. It’s all on display in South Africa.

adventure south africa

What’s often forgotten is the adventure you can find in South Africa. This is a nation with nature and wildlife at every turn, and ways to interact with both in abundance. Take a look through these four amazing adrenaline pumping experiences you can have in South Africa.

1. Cage Dive With Great White Sharks

About two hours drive from Cape Town lies Gansbaai, one of the most famous locations for Great White Sharks in the world. Great White Shark ToursWhite Shark Projects, and White Shark Diving Company are three notable companies worth checking out. They’ll take you out in the open ocean and chum the waters to attract some of the world’s largest, and most dangerous predators.

After the sharks take notice, it’s time for your harrowing descent into a 12-foot steel cage. Climb down, and hold on as 4-meter long behemoths rattle the cage.

Pro Tip: Bring seasick pills with you, it can get bumpy. 

2. Go on Safari

South Africa is home to the biggest game in the world, with elephants, rhinos, lions, water buffalo, and leopard all on display. Head to Kruger National Park and take an open jeep safari for best viewing. There is something thrilling about sitting just a few feet away from some of the largest animals in the world.

For those wanting to take things to the next level, many lodges offer walkabouts around their camps. Take a stroll with a professional guide and get up close and personal to some of the wildlife. Not too close, actually.


3. Take the Ultimate Leap of Faith

Good news, adrenaline seekers! The world’s highest commercial bridge bungee jump resides in South Africa. Bloukrans Bridge Bungy Jump is run by Face Adrenaline, who offer an adrenaline pumping experience. Walk below the bridge on a steel grate out to the center of Bloukrans, where the music is pumping and your heart will be too. You’ll look out into the canyon, smile, and plunge 216 meters below. And of course, you’re attached to the cord by your feet, not your waist like some other bungee jumps – it’s scarier this way.

Face Adrenaline offers a video of your jump once you’ve completed the leap, plus a certification that you’ll want to throw up on the wall. It’s a badge of honor you’ll be proud to own. The video below is from Bloukrans.

4. Ride an Ostrich

You read that right. There is a weight restriction, so you’ll need to be under 160 lbs. If you’re over that weight limit don’t worry – it’s equally as hilarious to watch this event.

In Oudtshoorn, the Highgate Ostrich Show Farm offers you the chance to interact with, feed, taste, and yes – even ride their ostriches. There’s also a race put on by staff at the farm where they get up to a pretty good speed.

Pro Tip: The Cango Caves are relatively close to Oudtshoorn, and offer an adrenaline rush of a different kind. Squeezing your body through dark, wet caves can be terrifying in its own way. 

What’s your favorite adrenaline-pumping experience? Let us know on Twitter! 

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