For the top luxury and boutique hotels to stay in Greece, you’ve come to the right place. This is your one-stop destination if you’ve been searching for a guide to hotels in Greece. We keep luxury at the forefront throughout this guide, so you won’t be disappointed with the service, food, or layout of any of these properties. 
A look inside one of the luxury tents at eco-friendly Shawa Luangwa Camp
This is not a greenwash! If done correctly, luxury travel in Africa– specifically luxury safaris – can be environmentally and socially ethical, without limiting your comfort and experience.
travel to cancun
So, you’re planning a trip to Cancun soon, and you’re not sure what to expect. Cancun, Mexico, is a beautiful destination with lots to do, fantastic food, and friendly people. But, it can never hurt to do some research before you go somewhere new. Here are the 7 things every traveler should know before visiting Cancun. These tips will help you better plan out...
worlds craziest cocktails
Many people enjoy a good cocktail on a night out, while celebrating at an event, and on vacation. In general, you likely have your favorite few cocktails that you generally stick to. But, if you’re feeling adventurous, there’s a whole world of fun, different cocktails out there that you can try. We did our research and found the 6 craziest cocktails from around...
Travel Magazine recently published an article about Toledo. This goes a little further, giving you a take from a local expert, Maribel Alfonzo Mico. Here's why you have to go to Toledo, Spain.