Kauai Hotel
Kauai – Hawaii’s “Garden Isle” island – is beautiful no matter where you stay. Still, your accommodations can really make an impact on your vacation as a whole. And you can have a fantastic vacation by staying at a top-rated hotel in Kauai. From water-front resorts to jungle villas, here are the top six hotels in Kauai. 1. Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa The...
Lanai Snorkeling
Lanai is the sixth biggest of all of the Hawaiian islands with a landscape so unique it almost seems like you are on another planet; one that is only 40 square miles with 3,000 inhabitants. There is plenty to do in this mystical place including shopping and dining in the six blocks of streets that make up friendly Lanai City. Here are 7 experiences you need to try when you visit Lanai.
Kauai Hikes
If you've ever wanted to hike across some of the most beautiful terrain in the world, a trip to the Hawaiian Islands might be a good place for you to start. Kauai, in particular, is a rugged, beautiful island. Prep your boots, and get ready to take some pictures of the accentuated details Kauai provides as this list will aid you in enjoying the 7 best hikes Kauai offers.
Oahu Hotels
Oahu is one of the most popular destination spots in Hawaii. Tourists love to come here for the beautiful views, fantastic restaurants, luxury shopping, and fun activities like surfing and hiking. As Oahu has grown to become a top vacation spot, more and more hotels have been built to keep up with the constant influx of tourists. It can be overwhelming to know...
Best Lanai Restaurants
People know Lanai for many things – unique outdoor adventures, luxurious spas, and a pristine reef. But, what isn’t talked about enough is the food available in Lanai. This small island has an abundance of delicious restaurants with talented chefs making creative menus. Here are the seven best restaurants to visit the next time you’re in Lanai. 1. One Forty...