New Year’s Travel: 7 Cities to Visit to Ring in the New Year

New Year’s eve is one of the best holidays of the year. You get to say goodbye to the year that just happened and welcome a fresh start. And, what better way to ring in the New Year than in a new city with fun celebrations? Here are the seven best cities around the world to visit this New Year’s. 

1. New York City, USA

For the people who do stay home for New Year’s, most of them end up turning on the television and watching the big crowds and celebrations as the ball drops in Times Square. If you’ve always loved watching this on television, why not consider actually going to New York this year?

You can arrive a little early and catch a Broadway show, cross the Brooklyn Bridge as it’s covered in snow, and sip on hot chocolate as you go shopping throughout the city. And for New Year’s itself, you have plenty of options. If you don’t want to join the massive crowds for the ball drop, you can opt for a rooftop dinner and celebration. Or, book a hotel with views of the city, and enjoy your glass of midnight champagne while sitting in a fluffy white hotel robe. 

Whatever you end up doing – make sure you book in advance! There’s a reason New York is the first spot on this list, it’s a popular New Year’s destination, and things can book up quickly!

Times Square NYC for New Year's Eve
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2. Sydney, Australia

Australia takes New Year’s seriously and Sydney is probably the best city to enjoy this holiday in the land down under. Sydney hosts one of the largest fireworks displays in the world on New Year’s Eve that draws massive crowds of both tourists and locals. 

The best place to view the fireworks is Sydney Harbor where you have two main options to catch the great show. First, consider booking a harbor cruise that will take you out on the water. You get to enjoy food, drinks, and fantastic company as the fireworks show happens right above you! Or, consider finding a spot on the patio of a waterfront restaurant so you have a view of the show with your dinner. 

And, don’t get us wrong, fireworks aren’t the only thing you have to look forward to when it comes to New Year’s celebrations in Sydney. This is the start of Australia’s summer and people have no reason to call it an early night. You can find the party going until dawn at bars and clubs all over the city. 

Sydney, Australia hosts a fireworks display every New Year's

3. Paris, France

If you hear New Year’s and think of romance, consider celebrating in Paris. This city is beautiful all year round, but there’s something truly romantic about Paris in the winter. A massive crowd gathers at the Champs-Elysées, often with champagne in hand, to celebrate the countdown. And shortly after midnight, a beautiful fireworks display happens close to the Eiffel Tower. You and your partner can wander the city, taking it all in as Paris comes alive with celebration and anticipation for a new year. 

If you don’t want to be outside celebrating, consider booking tickets to the Moulin Rouge for a fantastic night of performances by talented musicians and artists. Trust us – this will be a New Year’s you won’t ever forget!

Champs-Elysees, Paris at night

4. Las Vegas, USA 

Vegas is America’s party city, so of course, it would be an excellent destination for New Year’s! This is the perfect place to go for a group of friends looking for adventure. The Vegas Strip is shut down to traffic so people can celebrate right in the streets! This massive block party includes fireworks, entertainment displays, and performances by big artists. You can walk around with a drink in hand and celebrate with the rest of Vegas. 

And, if you ever get bored of the block party, there are dozens of other ways you can choose to celebrate! You can book tickets to a show, go clubbing until the early morning, or even book a dinner at a five-star restaurant. The best part about Vegas is that there’s something to do for everyone! 

Fireworks in Vegas for New Year's Eve

5. London, UK

London may usually be cold for New Year’s, but that doesn’t stop this city from having a good time. First of all, the city offers free public transportation to everyone on New Year’s Eve, so you can get anywhere you need to go safely and cheaply. London has a huge fireworks display in the middle of the city everywhere. However, note that this is a ticketed event, so you’ll want to plan in advance if you hope to attend. 

If you don’t want to attend the fireworks show, there are other ways you can see the display and have a great time. Consider booking a New Year’s Even cruise on the Thames and enjoy cocktails and live entertainment on the water. Or, grab tickets to a London rooftop bar hosting an all-night New Year’s Eve event. 

No matter where you celebrate, you’re guaranteed to be able to dress up, have some fancy cocktails, and enjoy the night with happy, friendly crowds of people. 

London, England at night in the winter.

6. Maui, Hawaii, USA

When you think of New Year’s, do you picture a lovely hot sunny and a sandy beach? If so, Maui, Hawaii, might be the destination of choice. Many of the major resorts on the island offer New Year’s events so their guests can celebrate in style. And, fireworks are almost guaranteed to happen in Maui. 

If you don’t want to stick to your resort, consider booking a night cruise or treating yourself to a fancy dinner at Mama’s Fish House. 

The best part about spending New Year’s in Hawaii is that you get to wake up the following day and go surfing or relax on the beach. Now, that’s a refreshing start to January! 

Maui, Hawaii with a fireworks display
Via @mauivisit on Instagram

7. Whistler, Canada

Come to Whistler, Canada, and you’ll get yourself a New Year’s landscape that looks like it’s straight out of a Christmas movie. This fun destination will make for a picture-perfect New Year’s that is not like any other. You can spend your day skiing or snowboarding on the mountain before transitioning into some apres-ski drinks and snacks. And, in the evening, the Whistler Village comes alive with celebrations. 

The mountain typically offers two sets of events: an early fireworks show around eight pm for families and a grand finale fireworks display at midnight. When you’re not watching the fireworks, you can book up your evening eating an amazing dinner, clubbing, sitting at bars, or even stopping by the Ketel One Vodka Ice Room. 

Whistler, Canada makes for a great New Year's destination.

So, which city has caught your eye for New Year’s?

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