american holiday travel survey

We got our hands on a really great survey this week that we think will open your eyes to how Americans plan on traveling for the remainder of 2020. While the coronavirus has knocked down international travel and significantly impacted everyone’s way of life, it hasn’t completely stopped US travelers from short, closer to home kinds of getaways.

Here are the main takeaways from Travelocity’s 2020 Holiday Outlook Survey.

1. Less family time

Maybe most interestingly, the survey found that 60% of Americans will not be going home for the holidays. What’s more, one in three Americans indicated that they won’t be celebrating the holidays at all this year. We’re starting on a sour note but, it’s been a sour year.

2. Travel in your own backyard

More and more travelers are signaling that if they are traveling, it will be on trips that are close to home. Over two-thirds of vacation-goers say that their trips will be within 250 miles of home this year.

3. Long weekend travel is booming

More than half of the travelers surveyed (53%) said they’d be taking time to travel during long weekends. This comes as people are likely hesitant to take extra time off of work where hours may already be reduced, while others are able to work from anywhere due to the pandemic and can open up their laptop from a vacation rental property.

4. Hit the road

The great American road trip is back in business. Nearly 80% of vacation travelers surveyed by Travelocity said they intend to travel to their destination via automobile. Only 20% of those surveyed indicated that they’d be hopping on a plane. If you need some inspiration, check out the five best road trips in the USA for nature lovers.

5. Hotels vs. VRBO

There were more travelers surveyed who indicated that they’d be staying in a hotel than in any other form of rented accommodations this year, with 43% of people stating that they’d opt for some form of a stay in 2020.

The Travelocity 2020 Holiday Outlook surveyed 1,016 US adults from September 18 to 21, 2020.