The world’s tourism industry has been hit hard in the recent months due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions. In fact, many countries around the world have gone as far to say that they won’t even consider reopening their borders until late 2021 for foreign travel.

While the pandemic has slowed down many industries, it has also given rise to brand new technologies that take aim at reopening the world. One of those technologies comes from the non-profit, CommonPass, which intends to give the world a reliable system for checking COVID-19 test results for travel officials.

The current methods for reviewing documents are crude at best and typically involve screenshots, photos, and print outs of documents from doctors and clinics. These are then given to travel officials who need to make split second calls on whether or not the documents are legitimate, often times leading to costly mistakes.

Here’s how it works:

The CommonPass gives travelers a list of approved clinics and sites to take their COVID-19 test. After they receive their results, they can upload them to the app where CommonPass will verify the authenticity for travel authorities. When a traveler visits their next foreign destination, the app will be ready to go with a scannable QR code that transfers their results, without revealing any other sensitive or private information.

The app is currently working with United Airlines to test the viability of the product with volunteers. The next step they will be aiming for is complete adoption by all travel carriers and governments.