The Top 5 Eco-Conscious Hotels From Around the World

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People are trying to make environmentally-conscious choices more and more, even while traveling.

Thanks to the introduction of eco-conscious hotels, sustainable travel is easier now than ever before. To make it simple for you, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find the top five “green” hotels from around the world!

Each hotel is stunning and takes a unique approach to its sustainable practices. And, somehow, guests don’t have to compromise their comfort in the search for an eco-friendly holiday. You might just want to plan an entire vacation around a visit to one of these fantastic hotels!  

Discovery Rottnest Island, Australia

Discover Rottnest Island is a low-impact glamping experience alongside Pinky Beach, Australia.

As the first hotel built on the island in over 30 years, Discovery Rottnest Island refuses to leave a negative impact on the area. Guests stay in eco-tents made of sustainable materials that allow natural airflow, so air conditioning isn’t needed. And, the hotel has a revegetation plan, continuing to enrich the surrounding flora and fauna of the grounds. Lastly, the resort sources local food as much as possible, for its onsite restaurant.

Discover Rottnest Island looks to preserve the precious sand dunes, strengthen the local community, and provide improved beach access for all.

This is the perfect hotel for guests who love to be close to nature. You can choose to spend the day on the beach, hike the trails, or snorkel. At night, listen to the waves and star-gaze from your spacious tent with your loved ones. 

Shinta Mani Wild, Cambodia

The Shinta Mani Wild is a luxury tent resort located along the Cambodian rainforest. The hotel’s message to its guests is: “your stay makes a real difference in protecting unique and endangered species.”  The resort uses its funds to preserve the enormous reserve from mining, logging, and poaching. At Shinta Mani Wild, guests can experience a glamorous vacation while making a positive contribution.

Shinta Mani Wild is considered an eco-luxury resort that delivers on a unique experience to its guests. Visitors check into the lodge via a zipline through the jungle, landing you in the hotel’s bar area with a welcome cocktail. The lodge sources local jungle ingredients for its cocktails and menu items and allows guests to come along for anti-poaching patrol. 

While Shinta Mani Wild is one of the more expensive eco-conscious hotels on this list, it’s truly a beautiful experience.

Svart Hotel, Norway

Svart Hotel is “the first energy-positive hotel,” with a low-impact design. The hotel was built with mostly local materials, includes solar panels for energy production, and adheres to rigid sustainability criteria. The hotel consumes such low amounts of energy that it’s left with an energy surplus. The ultimate goal is for the hotel to go “off-grid” within five years of operation, making everything from its farm to its boat-shuttles self-sufficient. 

Svart Hotel opens in 2021.

Hotel Verde, Tanzania

Hotel Verdre claims to be “Africa’s greenest hotel chain,” with locations in Cape Town and Zanzibar.

The hotel hands out “verdinos,” a hotel-currency, every time guests participate in specific sustainable activities. Guests can redeem verdinos for food, drinks, or towards their final bill. Some of the ways you can earn verdinos include taking the stairs over the elevator, reusing towels and linens, and taking a walk/jog to the marina and back.

In addition to encouraging guests to be sustainable, the hotel has many eco-conscious operating procedures. The two Hotel Verdre properties recycle thousands of liters of water annually.

And, on top of feeling like they’re making a positive impact, guests get to enjoy beautiful ocean views from their rooms. Travelers can choose to relax in the yoga room, go to the pool or beach, or take part in one of the many free water activities (such as kayaking and water bikes) offered by the hotel.

Fogo Island Inn, Canada

Fogo Island Inn is “an island off an island,” a beautiful and remote escape in Newfoundland, Canada. Every room at Fogo Island Inn has floor-to-ceiling windows that open to a spectacular ocean view. But, more impressive than its views, is the Inn’s sustainability efforts.

The Fogo Island Inn is a 100% social business. All profits are reinvested into the local community to build a resilient future for Fogo Island residents. The hotel was built with sustainability in mind and, to date, maintains eco-conscious practices in its operations. Whenever possible, Fogo Island Inn sources materials and ingredients locally.

At Fogo Island Inn, guests can experience a peaceful, rural vacation while immersing themselves in the local culture of the area. It’s no surprise this hotel has won features in dozens of travel publications, including National Geographic.

There is plenty of fun, sustainable hotels to choose, from jungle huts in Tulum to tree hotels in Thailand. Whatever the destination, it’s almost certain there is an eco-conscious option available. It’s all the fun of travel, with a little more consideration for our shared planet!

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