Fear of Heights? These Adventure Activities Aren’t For You

adventure activities with heights

Does the thought of climbing a ten foot later send your stomach in knots? Does visiting your friend’s apartment on the 33rd floor make you nauseous?

If so, this might not be the list for you. This list is for the adrenaline junkies, adventure travelers, and all-out nuts people who just need to feel alive. People like us.

Here are 5 crazy adventure activities for those who go boldly. Or maybe, for those who are looking to overcome their fear of heights.

1. The Bloukrans Bungy Experience, South Africa

Most bungy jumps are around 50 meters high, and for some, that’s a long way down.

Bloukrans Bungy, operated in South Africa by Face Adrenalin, is an astounding 216 meters up. It’s the highest commercially operated bungy jump in the world. You’ll start your experience by walking underneath a major single arch Bridgeway to the jump location, which is pretty terrifying in itself. Then you’ll get set up with supports around your legs, and dive headfirst into the gorge.

2. The Nevis Swing, New Zealand

New Zealand is home to tons of crazy adventure activities, but none crazier than the Nevis Swing. You’ll get strapped in, wait in the crow’s nest, and get launched into the air in this activity. This is the world’s biggest swing, so once you’ve conquered it, you’re set for life.

3. The Thrill Walk, Switzerland

This one might not have the intense free fall like the first two activities on our list – but for some reason, it’s even scarier. Maybe that’s because you’re 8,000 feet up and the only thing separating you from a no-parachute skydive is a thin layer of fence that just doesn’t seem secure.

4. Wansheng Skywalk

If you were four feet off the ground you’d probably trust yourself to do this, but when you’re hundreds of feet up in the air…you’re going to get in your head. Wansheng Skywalk isn’t just an adrenaline inducing activity, it puts you to the test. How do you handle yourself in a high stakes game of cross the bridge?

5. Wing Walking

Alright, so this one is probably best left to the professionals, but when we came across this video we couldn’t help but put it on our list. This might be the craziest thing we’ve seen online and that’s saying a lot. When this plane inverts itself our hearts dropped.