hawaii open for tourists

It’s day one of Hawaii’s new pre-travel testing policy, which doesn’t require visitors to quarantine so long as they provide a negative COVID-19 test result. The results: roughly 8,000 travelers landed in Hawaii on day one.

If any travelers didn’t provide a test within 72 hours of traveling, they’re required to quarantine for 14 days. If a test is taken and provided, travelers are free to roam. This was a major draw for the 8,000 who visited on day one, looking to escape from the hectic events of the last year and relax in a vacation paradise – that for once is very quiet.

The state’s tourism industry has been hard hit, with a 4% positive test rate taking place in Oahu, typically the busiest island for travelers.

The islands have seen 100 out of 4,000 total restaurants close, with over 50% of the remaining restaurants reporting that they don’t think they can survive the pandemic. Still, many local politicians are criticizing the government’s new travel policies, suggesting that a second test upon landing should be added to the policy. Kauai island Mayor Derek Kawakami floated the idea last week, but the plan was rejected by the Governor.