masters of travel podcast the planet d

Masters of Travel – The Planet D

On this episode, we sit down with Deb and Dave from The Planet D. They are true Masters of Travel, having been to all seven continents and...
masters of travel - a dangerous business

Masters of Travel – A Dangerous Business Travel Blog

On this episode, we sit down with Amanda Williams from A Dangerous Travel Blog. Amanda has been to over 50 countries and in this episode, we discuss...
masters of travel with wandering earl

Masters of Travel – Wandering Earl

In 1999, at the age of 22, Derek left home for a 3 month trip to Southeast Asia that has basically never come to an end. He’s...
masters of travel with local adventurer

Masters of Travel – Local Adventurer

On this episode, we sit down with Jacob Fu from Local Adventurer. Along with his wife, Jacob runs Local Adventurer which is one of the largest travel blogs...