world tourism reopening

Report: 70% of Destinations Have Eased Travel Restrictions

According to the UNWTO (The World Tourism Organization), more destinations than not have begun to ease travel restrictions from their heights, from an international tourism perspective. As of November 1, 2020, 152 nations have eased international travel restrictions and allowed tourists to cross into their borders. On the flip side, 59 reported countries have chosen...
thailand travel

Thailand’s New Tourist Visa for American Travelers

The TAT, more commonly known as the Tourism Authority of Thailand, has announced a brand new kind of tourist visa this week. The visa is for American tourists, allowing them to visit and stay within the Kingdom of Thailand for up to 60 days. Learn more about the visa, what Americans will have to do before entering Thailand, and what they'll have to do upon arrival in order to receive....
us opening travel

The White House is Considering Lifting Travel Restrictions on Europeans

The Donald Trump Administration is considering lifting its current ban on allowing non-US citizen European travelers into the USA. Brazil and the UK are also being considered for the lift, though it should be noted that nothing has been changed yet. It seems unlikely that in return European nations would open their doors to US travelers, which could throw a wrench into the plan...
quarantine restrictions uk

Quarantine Rule Changes in the UK are Coming

Since June 8, anyone returning to the United Kingdom has been required to quarantine for 14-days. Now, the UK government says that they're cutting that quarantine period down - way down, in fact. In a recent announcement, the government has indicated that as of December 15, the UK will be shortening the quarantine period and allowing people returning home to take a test and....
smithsonian closing

The Smithsonian Museums and National Zoo are Closing Today

Due to a second wave of COVID-19 sweeping across the USA two iconic Washington attractions will be temporarily closing starting today, November 23, 2020. Overall, the closures that have been announced are going to affect eight famous attractions in the DC area. They include the National Air and Space Museum, the National Museum of African American History and Culture, the...
princess cruises cancels sailings

Princess Cruises is Canceling All Cruises Until the Spring

Princess Cruises has been one of the fastest of the cruise lines to respond to COVID-19 restrictions and rules, and they've once again been a first mover in announcing a new round of delays. Yesterday, the major cruise line announced that it's canceling all cruises until March 31, 2021. It's also canceling all cruises longer than seven days sailing in and out of US Ports until November 2021.
lonely planet best in travel 2021

Lonely Planet Releases Its Best in Travel List for 2021

It's that time of year, when Lonely Planet releases their best in travel list for 2021. While you may not have traveled as much this year, use these destinations as inspiration for 2021, which is shaping up to be a busy year for travelers. The focus of the awards this year was on sustainability, community, and diversity. So without further ado, here are the winners...
air canada flight pass

Air Canada Thinks Outside the Box for Christmas This Year

It's been a hard year for many businesses, especially those in the travel industry. Airlines have had to deal with less passengers and plenty of restrictions in 2020, and Air Canada is thinking outside the box in order to help travelers return to international travel over the coming years. That's why they've announced their "Gift of Travel Flight Pass." Here's what's included...
disney world increasing guests

Disney World Parks Set to Increase Guest Capacity

The happiest place on earth is going to get a bit busier soon. While COVID-19 numbers are rising across the USA, Disney World Parks has decided to increase their number of total guests allowed in their parks at any given time. To date, their parks have been operating at 25% capacity, but that number is getting increased to 35% in order to bring in more visitors...

The New Experience of Flying: The Comprehensive Guide for Flying Amid COVID-19

COVID continues to sweep across the country, but COVID fatigue has set in and after Aviation Public Health Initiative’s recent research revealed that the risk of transmitting and receiving COVID-19 on an aircraft is actually very low, travelers are ready to get back in the friendly skies