new york tourism down

Tourism in New York is Down 72%

It might seem a little quieter than usual in the big apple, and right across New York State as a whole. Today we learned just how bad the tourism drop in New York has been since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Since March of this year, tourism spending in the state of New York is down 72%. That's about a $38 billion difference from the same period in 2019, a stunning amount...
american holiday travel survey

New Survey Indicates Most Americans Aren’t Going Home for the Holidays

We got our hands on a really great survey this week that we think will open your eyes to how Americans plan on traveling for the remainder of 2020. While the coronavirus has knocked down international travel and significantly impacted everyone's way of life, it hasn't completely stopped US travelers from short, closer to home kinds of getaways. That being said holiday travel is way down...
hawaii open for tourists

Day One of Hawaii’s New Pre-Travel Testing Policies Saw 8,000 Travelers Arrive

It's day one of Hawaii's new pre-travel testing policy, which doesn't require visitors to quarantine so long as they provide a negative COVID-19 test result. The results: roughly 8,000 travelers landed in Hawaii on day one. If those travelers took a test within 72 hours of travel that came back negative, they're free to explore Hawaii without quarantining. But there has been pushback...
delta earnings

Delta Has Lost $5.4 Billion Due to Coronavirus

After releasing numbers this week, we've now learned about the giant losses Delta Air Lines has seen since the COVID-19 pandemic began to affect the USA back in March. In fact, the $5.4 billion reported loss is actually only from the quarter extending from July 1 to September 30, so the losses on a whole are even bigger. This, in contrast to last year, when the company made...

Coronavirus and Business Travel: 10 Tips for Your Upcoming Business Trip

If you’re a businessperson who has a lot of meetings, you’ve probably found yourself in a virtual world during these last few months. But now, with travel starting to become more possible, your next business meeting might just involve one of those old-fashioned trips again. COVID-19 is not going away yet, and because it is advised that everybody be careful to not contract or spread infection, we have created this list of ten tips to help any businessperson who is looking to make a trip right now. They include things you should do before you leave, items you should take with you, what you should watch out for when traveling, and how you might interact with others when you arrive.

New COVID-19 Passport Could Play a Major Role in Reopening Tourism

The world’s tourism industry has been hit hard in the recent months due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions. While the pandemic has slowed down many industries, it has also given rise to brand new technologies that take aim at reopening the world. One of those technologies comes from the non-profit, CommonPass, which intends to give the world a reliable system for checking COVID-19 test results for travel officials.
cruise lines testing passengers

CLIA Announces That Cruise Lines Will Be Testing 100% of Passengers

Cruise Lines International Association, the largest trade group in the industry, has introduced mandatory requirements on testing passengers for COVID-19 in an attempt to get back on the waters. The association represents 95% of the industry, and their latest announcement says they'll be testing all passengers before boarding any ocean-going cruise line with more than 250 passengers...
caribbean islands opening

There is No Quarantine Required in These Caribbean Countries

The Caribbean is opening its doors to tourists faster than most areas of the world, with several countries not requiring a quarantine for foreign travelers anymore. Most of these spots still require negative tests to be shown either upon arrival or before traveling, and online applications to be filled out, but none require any sort of quarantine once you get off the plane. Here are the...
bahamas opening

The Bahamas Are Opening With New Entry Requirements

Ahead of their October 15th reopening date, the islands of The Bahamas have announced new entry requirements for travelers looking to catch some rays this fall. The Bahamas have been greatly hurt by the loss of tourism dollars and American travelers, and they're trying to put safety measures in place that will balance out staying healthy and tourism. Here's a look at their plan...
american tourist arrested in thailand review

American Spends Two Nights in Thai Jail After Posting Review on TripAdvisor

If you think you're having a bad day, you might want to reconsider after reading this story. At the end of June, Wesley Barnes left a review after having a not so great dinner at the resort. He left a negative review, where he went a little bit too far. Thailand has extremely sensitive defamation laws, and Barnes spent the weekend in a Thai jail, and will soon be facing 2 years in prison...