7 Unique Types of Travel You Probably Haven’t Tried…Yet

Caribbean cruise? Been there. Road trip? Done that. Simply jetting off for the weekend? Yawn. Ditch that everyday vacation and, instead, embark on a truly unique adventure. There are so many different types of travel that you can, and should try at least once. We’ve uncovered X totally wacky, totally uncommon ways to see the world, from horse caravans through Ireland...
camping destinations usa

The Top Five Most Picturesque Camping Destinations in America

The United States has so many beautiful natural parks and campgrounds to explore. No matter where you are in America, it’s likely that there is a fantastic campground with beautiful views nearby. We’ve collected the top five camping destinations for you, so you can start planning your next road trip today. Yosemite National Park, California. Yosemite National...

The Cook Islands: Island Hopping, White Sand Beaches, and The Best Seafood Sandwiches in...

Add New Post Save draft Preview (opens in a new tab) Publish Add title Island Hopping Around the Cook Islands The Cook Islands are a chain of 15 tropical islands located in the South Pacific Ocean between her neighbors, French Polynesia (Tahiti) on the East, and the Fiji islands to the West. Lush vegetation, warm blue lagoon waters, secluded white sand beaches, and the charm of her people make The Cook Islands a Paradise. The local greeting is “Kia Orana” meaning, “may you live long.” It should mean, “may you stay long,” because it will be difficult to leave this little corner of paradise.
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The Perfect 9-Day Road Trip in Scotland

Scotland is the land of rolling hills, ancient castles, stunning lochs, beautiful parks, whisky, and welcoming locals. Although it may be small in size, there is a lot to see and do. For first-timers that don’t have an endless amount of time to explore Scotland, we’ve crafted the perfect nine-day road trip! Here's how to get around this amazing country, where to go, and what to do...
places to visit in scotland for whisky lovers

10 Places Every Whisky Lover Needs to Visit in Scotland

These 10 distilleries are some of the most famous in Scotland, and while they may have all made our list, the flavors and final product's couldn't be more different. Here's an overview of the top 10 places every whisky lover needs to visit in Scotland. First, Lagavulin. Located on the south of the island of Islay, Lagavulin is the home of Islay single malt scotch whiskey...
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5 Insider Tips For Traveling Tuscany

If you've been looking for great food, great wine, and beautiful scenery, look no further than Italy. Tuscany is home to all three, and makes the perfect vacation whether you're new to traveling or are a constant wanderluster. Here are five tips from the Travel Magazine editorial team for traveling to Tuscany. The cities are great, but your stay in Tuscany should include...
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8 Expert Tips for Traveling Norway

Norway is home to beautiful landscapes, friendly people, and extreme temperatures. The nation of roughly 5 million people is bursting with things to do and places to see. If you've been considering a trip to Norway, take a look at these 8 tips. They're sure to set you off on the right foot. Norway is known for having some of the best hiking in the world. The Pulpit Rock is...
Best Safari Zambia

The Best Private Safari Getaways in Zambia

Whether you’re heading off to an intimate tented camp for a wildlife adventure or getting castaway together on a remote river island, Zambia has some of the best private safaris in Africa.  These are the spots where you and your favourite people can get together in complete exclusivity, without worrying about crowds, and enjoying a piece of Zambian wilderness all to yourselves. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be fending for yourselves! Quite the opposite, in fact, as the options we've found for you will have a team of staff, including a private chef, valet and guide, that will be there to ensure your stay is carefree and comfortable. 
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6 Once-In-a-Lifetime Experiences to Try in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is truly a paradise location. You get thick rainforests, white sandy beaches, amazing wildlife, and friendly people all in one lovely place. You’re essentially guaranteed to have a fantastic time no matter what time of year you go and where you stay. Make that trip even more memorable by incorporating one (or all) of these eight once-in-a-lifetime...
5 places to visit in Greece

5 Places to Visit on Your Vacation to Greece

Whether you're traveling for history, culture, or just to get a good suntan, Greece is an attractive option. The beaches, the sites, the food, and the scenery are all amazing reasons to visit Greece. It's a vacation destination where you don't have to make any sacrifices. Here are 5 locations to visit on your vacation to Greece, and what to do when you visit these amazing...
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