toledo spain

Holy Toledo: A Day Trip to the Spanish City

The ancient city of Toledo, Spain is known for having a beautiful mix of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim influences. It is nicknamed both "The City of Three Cultures" and "The Imperial City" as it was once the court of Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire. It sits on a hill surrounded by an ancient medieval wall and the Tagus River. Get to know this amazing city with Travel Magazine...
Yellowstone National Park

7 Experiences You’ll Never Forget in Yellowstone

Yellowstone was the first national park in the United States and is even considered the first national park globally. The massive park is over 2.2 million acres and sees over four million visitors per year, and with good reason! This national park is frequently on people's bucket list of trips to conquer. Keep reading to find out what adventures you should include...
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The Top 10 Things to Know Before Going To Berlin

Berlin is more than just the capital of Germany. This bustling metropolis is a traveler's dream. With a nightlife that stretches to the early morning, plenty of tasty beer, and diverse culture, Berlin truly is like no other city in the world. But before you set off for Berlin, there are ten things you need to know. In this article, Contributor Dan Elias Bliss offers his insights....
Las Vegas

7 New Exciting Attractions Coming to Las Vegas

Even after experiencing some setbacks from COVID-19, Las Vegas continues to be a top destination for those looking for some extra spice in their lives. Vegas always has the classics: the shows, the nightlife, the gambling, and the food. But, every year, Sin City changes and brings something new for its visitors. In this list, we break down the seven new exciting attractions coming...
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Ranking the Top 10 Rides at Walt Disney World

If you’ve ever been to Disney World before, you know that the amusement park is massive, and it feels like the day can flash by in a second. To help you make the most of that costly (but worth it) pass, we’ve identified our top 10 rides at Walt Disney World. Next time you go to Disney, you’ll already know exactly what rides to get in line for first! 1. Avatar ...

The Cook Islands: Island Hopping, White Sand Beaches, and The Best Seafood Sandwiches in...

Add New Post Save draft Preview (opens in a new tab) Publish Add title Island Hopping Around the Cook Islands The Cook Islands are a chain of 15 tropical islands located in the South Pacific Ocean between her neighbors, French Polynesia (Tahiti) on the East, and the Fiji islands to the West. Lush vegetation, warm blue lagoon waters, secluded white sand beaches, and the charm of her people make The Cook Islands a Paradise. The local greeting is “Kia Orana” meaning, “may you live long.” It should mean, “may you stay long,” because it will be difficult to leave this little corner of paradise.

The New Experience of Flying: The Comprehensive Guide for Flying Amid COVID-19

COVID continues to sweep across the country, but COVID fatigue has set in and after Aviation Public Health Initiative’s recent research revealed that the risk of transmitting and receiving COVID-19 on an aircraft is actually very low, travelers are ready to get back in the friendly skies
Woman at the Arco de Triunfo de Barcelona Spain

The Five Best Countries for Solo Travel

Traveling on your own is a rewarding experience that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. Solo travel can allow you to get outside of your comfort zone while creating unforgettable memories. And, solo travel doesn’t mean you’ll be alone the entire time! If you’re up for it, solo travel can be a perfect time to meet new people and create new friendships...
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10 Things to Know Before Traveling to Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a city often overlooked by travelers. Most European tourists stick to the usual suspects like Paris, London, and Rome. However, not visiting Stockholm is a huge mistake. The capital of Sweden is a beautiful city where nature and the modern world come together. Missing out on Stockholm means you’re missing out on so many once in a lifetime experiences...
best car rental company

JD Power Says These Are the Best (And Worst) Rental Car Companies

Finding a good rental car company has its challenges. Anyone who's traveled internationally knows this is true. It can often seem like at the exact moment you need things to start going right, your rental car company will let you down. The good news is, there is a company that seems to let you down the least. JD Power conducted a survey and reviewed responses and found that...