Eiffel Tower Spring Time

8 Reasons to Visit Paris in the Spring

There is a famous quote about France’s capital city: “Paris is always a good idea.” And, we couldn’t agree more. Paris is truly stunning at any time of the year. However, it’s commonly known that the best time to visit Paris is in the spring. Keep reading to find out the top eight reasons that will convince you to book a ticket to Paris this spring. 1. Fewer...
luang prabang laos

Visiting Luang Prabang, Laos: Travel Guide

Luang Prabang means 'city of the Golden Buddha Phra Bang.' Since the 14th century, an 83cm statue is believed to be the source of the city’s protection. Travel Magazine Contributor Shebs Alom traveled to this ancient, beautiful city in the north of Laos in November 2019, and it's a place that left a mark on him. Here's Alom's account of visiting Luang Prabang, Laos...
Port of Gozo

The Under-the-Radar Island Getaway of Gozo

"It's what Malta was like 15 years ago," Annelise, a barista tells me what the island of Gozo is like. "Just too quiet of a place for me," Tony, who lives in Paceville, known in Malta to be the hub of parties. For Urban Maltese like Tony, the neighboring island of Gozo could be on a different planet; as he alluded to me, "It's a place where nothing happens." For Annelise, it's what she fondly remembers Malta to be like growing up. This is precisely why I decided to spend a few days there, exploring the island.
A look inside one of the luxury tents at eco-friendly Shawa Luangwa Camp

4 Ways Luxury Travel in Africa Can Also Be Eco Travel 

This is not a greenwash! If done correctly, luxury travel in Africa– specifically luxury safaris – can be environmentally and socially ethical, without limiting your comfort and experience.
best places to eat in portland oregon

5 Spots Every Foodie Needs to Visit in Portland, Oregon

Portland is truly one of the most underrated culinary destinations in the USA. It's a city blending foreign cuisines and embracing local foods at the same time. When you come to town, be sure to make reservations wherever you can, and show up early at places where they're not accepted. The lineups may be long, but with a bit of planning, you can experience the best that...
learn before you travel

5 Things to Learn Before Your Next Trip

As the COVID-19 pandemic keeps us from traveling the world, we're not going to sulk. We're going to dream about our next trip, we're going to study the potential itineraries, and yes, we're going to do some learning. There is much to learn when you travel, but learning a bit before you travel can make your trip even more enjoyable. Try learning these five things while you're...
hawaii open for tourists

Day One of Hawaii’s New Pre-Travel Testing Policies Saw 8,000 Travelers Arrive

It's day one of Hawaii's new pre-travel testing policy, which doesn't require visitors to quarantine so long as they provide a negative COVID-19 test result. The results: roughly 8,000 travelers landed in Hawaii on day one. If those travelers took a test within 72 hours of travel that came back negative, they're free to explore Hawaii without quarantining. But there has been pushback...

10 Spots on New Zealand’s South Island You Won’t Want to Miss

Te Waipounamu, also known as New Zealand’s South Island, is one of the most humbling places on this beautiful planet of ours. From the stunning Southern Alps to the towering fjords and abundance of wildlife, it’s easy to be constantly reminded of the beauty that comes with a deep connection to the land we live on. Popular amongst travelers young and old, here are 10 places that you won’t want to miss on your next adventure to this dreamy place. Prepare to be blown away!
Best places to Cycle in Hawaii

Hawaii for Active Travelers: Where to Bike on The Big Island

If you’re an active traveler, you’re going to love the Big Island of Hawaii. There are so many beautiful scenic spots to explore on the island. And one of the best ways to explore Hawaii is on a bike. Depending on which route you take, you might end up at a waterfall, on a gorgeous ocean cliff, in a jungle rainforest, or biking up a volcano. If that sounds like...
Lanai Hotels

The Top 3 Rated Hotels and Resorts in Lanai

Your trip to Lanai will be an amazing one full of beaches, activities, and great food. Of course, where you stay can play a significant role in how your trip goes. When looking for a resort or hotel, some people value location, others the amenities, and others a luxury stay. As it’s such a small island, Lanai only has three main hotels to choose from. All of...
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