volcano in central america

The 6 Best Off the Beaten Path Destinations in Central and South America

If you’re a thrill-seeking adventurer, you probably like to travel off the beaten path. These destinations give you a more authentic experience of the country. You also don’t have to deal with crowds of tourists or overpriced food and activities. And, Central America is one of the best regions to seek out the road less traveled. Here are the six best off the...
cheap vancouver flights

7 Flights from Vancouver that are Cheaper than Usual Right Now

Now is a great time to book travel. As there seems to be a lot of hope of the pandemic winding down, people are open to travel once again. Airlines are still offering massive deals as flights aren’t totally filling at pre-pandemic rates yet. And, before all the crowds sweep in to catch up on missed holidays, there’s still plenty of time to book discounted flights...
Paris New Years

9 Best Places to Spend New Year’s Eve this Year

After the wrapping paper has been cleaned up and you've had your fill of family "together time," we think you should book a ticket to one of these amazing cities and ring in the new year the way you truly deserve.
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8 Festivals Around the World That Will be Back in 2022…Most Likely

Let’s be honest, if you were looking forward to a festival in 2021, it’s highly likely it was canceled. All around the world, events had to make the difficult decision to cancel to prioritize public safety. Many of these cancellation messages included a sentence about “hoping to be back bigger and better in 2022.” Well, 2022 is right around the corner, and things...

9 Luxury Travel Experiences in London and Paris

London and Paris are two of Europe’s great capital cities, and though they’re world’s apart in terms of culture and history, they’re only two hours apart via train. This makes them the perfect getaway for any traveler, especially the discerning traveler ready to plan a luxury vacation. London and Paris have plenty of unique travel experiences for those who prefer the finer things, both in terms of activities and lodging. Here are nine luxury travel experiences you can have in London and Paris...
Giverny Garden

3 Beautiful Gardens From Around the World You Need to Visit

Do you love to visit peaceful, beautiful places? These gardens are from three different continents, but they all have one thing in common: they're simply stunning. The serene setting of visiting one of the world's most beautiful gardens is sure to relax your senses as you stroll through the natural beauty full of green and every other color your can imagine. Here are three beautiful gardens you need to visit...

The 10 Most Walkable Cities in Europe

One of the best parts about visiting Europe is how easy most cities are to explore on foot. Not only do you save some travel time by avoiding cabs or trains, but you'll most likely find some hidden gems you would never have found had you been in the backseat of a car. From Amsterdam to Salzburg, here's your guide to our top ten most walkable cities in Europe.

5 Christmas Markets Reopening to Travelers This Year

Christmas is just around the corner! After over a year and a half of restricted travel and limited holiday celebrations, people are ready to get back to normal. And, nothing quite says it’s the Christmas holidays like visiting a Christmas market. You get to walk around crowds of smiling people with Christmas music playing in the background and the smell of fresh...

Nine Fields of Wonder in Spain and France

As the global travel doors open up again, the fields of Southern France and Coastal Spain are calling us back like old friends to a reunion. With travel restrictions waning, we jumped back into planning out the details, but took an accelerated, more spontaneous approach. Of all the places to travel, we desired a mixed cocktail of adventure that would assault our five senses. To make our first escape from the U.S., we wandered the fields around Barcelona, the Tarn, the Dordogne, and Provence. There were nine fields in all.
Port of Gozo

The Under-the-Radar Island Getaway of Gozo

"It's what Malta was like 15 years ago," Annelise, a barista tells me what the island of Gozo is like. "Just too quiet of a place for me," Tony, who lives in Paceville, known in Malta to be the hub of parties. For Urban Maltese like Tony, the neighboring island of Gozo could be on a different planet; as he alluded to me, "It's a place where nothing happens." For Annelise, it's what she fondly remembers Malta to be like growing up. This is precisely why I decided to spend a few days there, exploring the island.
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