spain and portugal

10 Under The Radar Things You Need to Do in Spain and Portugal

Portugal and Spain are two countries that have recently seen a surge in popularity when it comes to tourism. Vacationers all over the world are drawn to the history, scenery, and food that these two interesting and fun countries offer. If you’re planning a visit to either of these dreamy areas, we compiled a list of 5 unique things to do in both spots to get you in the right...
worlds craziest cocktails

6 Crazy Cocktails Around the World You Need to Try

Many people enjoy a good cocktail on a night out, while celebrating at an event, and on vacation. In general, you likely have your favorite few cocktails that you generally stick to. But, if you’re feeling adventurous, there’s a whole world of fun, different cocktails out there that you can try. We did our research and found the 6 craziest cocktails from around...
Brazil Beach

6 Sunny Destinations to Visit in South America

South America is a traveler’s paradise. There are beautiful cultures, sunny beautiful beaches, fantastic food, friendly people, and vibrant cities to explore. But, South America is so large, it can be challenging to figure out where you should go first. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with the six best sunny destinations to visit in South America....
How to live seasonally

Living Seasonally: A Guide to Traveling With All 5 Senses

When you travel, what senses do you use the most? The average traveler would tell you sights and sounds are the most prominent, but our friends at Living Seasonally are here to open your world to traveling with all five senses. Here are five destinations they say are perfect for opening up your world to new experiences that touch on the five senses and make your trip one to remember...
Michael Jackson statue in Brazil

How Michael Jackson Reinvigorated Tourism in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro

Growing up in the 1990s, I saw Brazil as the powerhouse in international football (or soccer for our North American friends). When they won the 1994 World Cup, I recall everyone in school celebrating scoring a goal playing football as Bebeto did when he put his arms out, rocking it left to right, now known as the baby celebration. I also grew up wanting to visit the country after Michael Jackson (MJ) went over to film his music video, 'They Don't Care About Us.' I was and still am a massive MJ fan. I got the chance to visit back in 2018; here is why it was so memorable. 
things to do in tokyo

15 Things to Do When You Visit Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the biggest cities in the world and an extremely popular destination for international travelers. It's one of the top places to see in Japan. There's so much to see and do in Tokyo that it's important to give yourself at least a few days in the city, more than that if possible. Here are 15 things we think everyone should do when they visit Tokyo....
Mexican Cenote

5 Luxury Travel Experiences You Can Only Have in Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful country full of culture, fantastic food, friendly people, and wonderful experiences. Many people travel to Mexico for an affordable, all-inclusive vacation, but there’s a luxury side to this country too. For those who have the budget, a vacation to this sunny destination can be full of indulgent, extravagant experiences. If that sounds like...
neuschwanstein castle travel to germany

7 Real-Life Fairy Tale Castles in Europe You Can Actually Visit

Europe is rich with history. Every street, pub, and government building has a story that dates back hundreds of years. If you're really interested in the past, then a trip to one of these amazing castles may be just what the vacation doctor ordered. Each of these castles in Europe still stands today and offers visitors the chance to reflect on a time when fortresses dominated...
Cities with the most UFO sitings

5 Places You’re Most Likely to See UFOs

There's been a lot of buzz and probing questions about UFO's lately. With the Pentagon confirming that they have recorded UFO's that can't be explained by our current technology, fuel is being added to a growing fire. If you're seeking should start your search in one of these UFO sighting hot spots. Here are the 5 places you're most likely to see UFOs...
traveling alone

The 9 Best Countries For Solo Travel

Traveling alone is the best way to see the world the way you want. Solo travel gives you the opportunity to tailor a vacation to your own tastes and preferences. The only thing you have to focus on is having a good time. If you’ve never traveled by yourself before, here are some more tips on how to travel alone for the first time. If you have been on a solo trip, you know how great...
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