Paris New Years

9 Best Places to Spend New Year’s Eve this Year

After the wrapping paper has been cleaned up and you've had your fill of family "together time," we think you should book a ticket to one of these amazing cities and ring in the new year the way you truly deserve.
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The Top 10 US Cities to Visit in 2022

Some cities will always be top vacation destinations, such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, and Miami. However, other amazing cities in the US have a ton of culture, less hustle, and are much more affordable than those four top destinations - and we’ll show you a few of them. Here is our list of the top ten cities in the US for you to discover in 2022...
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The 10 Best Sandwiches in Canada

A sandwich at home can be simple, comforting, and an easy meal. But, a sandwich from the right place can feel like an elevated dish. And, we have found those sandwiches that take the simple classics and turn them into memorable meals. Here are the 10 best sandwiches in Canada that will impress and satisfy you. 1. The Smoked Meat Sandwich at Schwartz’s (Montreal...
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8 Festivals Around the World That Will be Back in 2022…Most Likely

Let’s be honest, if you were looking forward to a festival in 2021, it’s highly likely it was canceled. All around the world, events had to make the difficult decision to cancel to prioritize public safety. Many of these cancellation messages included a sentence about “hoping to be back bigger and better in 2022.” Well, 2022 is right around the corner, and things...
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3 Beautiful Gardens From Around the World You Need to Visit

Do you love to visit peaceful, beautiful places? These gardens are from three different continents, but they all have one thing in common: they're simply stunning. The serene setting of visiting one of the world's most beautiful gardens is sure to relax your senses as you stroll through the natural beauty full of green and every other color your can imagine. Here are three beautiful gardens you need to visit...
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7 Best Getaways for Couples this Winter

As we enter the season of short days and early nights, it can feel nice to break up the mundane days by booking a winter getaway. Winter is the perfect time for a romantic getaway. Escape to a winter wonderland and enjoy the blankets of pure white snow snuggled in front of a fireplace. Or, escape the cold, and fly away to somewhere sunny and tropical together...
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6 Once in a Lifetime Trips to Book in 2022

As 2021 starts to come to a close, it’s time to start making plans for 2022. Most of us have been travel-deprived for over a year and a half now. And, things are looking a lot more hopeful for travel in 2022. If you’re ready for your next adventure, consider booking something soon, while prices are still low! And, who doesn’t want to enter 2022 with a holiday...

New Year’s Travel: 7 Cities to Visit to Ring in the New Year

New Year’s eve is one of the best holidays of the year. You get to say goodbye to the year that just happened and welcome a fresh start. And, what better way to ring in the New Year than in a new city with fun celebrations? Here are the seven best cities around the world to visit this New Year’s. 1. New York City, USA For the people who do stay home for New Year's...

Nine Fields of Wonder in Spain and France

As the global travel doors open up again, the fields of Southern France and Coastal Spain are calling us back like old friends to a reunion. With travel restrictions waning, we jumped back into planning out the details, but took an accelerated, more spontaneous approach. Of all the places to travel, we desired a mixed cocktail of adventure that would assault our five senses. To make our first escape from the U.S., we wandered the fields around Barcelona, the Tarn, the Dordogne, and Provence. There were nine fields in all.
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9 Luxury Travel Experiences in Greece That Are off the Beaten Path

If you haven’t visited Greece yet, you might be wondering how to start planning your trip. Greece is a destination that has something for everyone, especially if you put the time into organizing an adventure that suits your travel style. Luxury travel options are available throughout the country, in both major tourist areas and also off the beaten path...
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