Surfer on Bondi Beach, Australia

14 Adventure Activities To Do When You Visit Australia

Australians are known for living life dangerously. Not only is the continent home to some of the most dangerous species on the planet, but the country has plenty of adventure activities for locals and tourists to try. While you’re visiting Australia, get in the spirit of things and include some of these amazing adventure activities in your travel plans. You definitely won't be disappointed...
where to travel with your best friend

10 Places You and Your BFF Should Visit Together

Traveling is great, it’s an opportunity to see more of the world we live in, to try new things, eat different food, and experience things we wouldn’t at home. Traveling with friends is great too because experiences are better when shared. Not that you need an excuse to go on a trip with your favorite person. Here are ten places you and your BFF should visit together. Be sure...
Car Lovers

9 Places Every Car-Lover Needs to Visit

For all you car enthusiasts out there… this one is for you. With all the options you have for traveling, why not get something booked for you and your favorite set of wheels? Or you could rent a beautiful car and go cruising down that scenic highway. Either way, these are our favorite places around the world that every car lover needs to visit!
Chicago Weekend trips

5 Weekend Getaways to Take From Chicago

Chicago is a vibrant and busy city that has a lot to offer. Still, sometimes it’s nice to escape the hustle and bustle of The Windy City and go somewhere new for the weekend. If you don’t have plans this upcoming weekend, consider booking a weekend getaway to one of these five spots that are all within driving distance from Chicago. First, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin...
places to visit in february

The Best Countries to Travel to in February

Last week we shared the best places to visit in North American in February. For those travelers who don’t give a second thought to jumping on a long haul flight, here are our favorite destinations for international travel in February. First, Sri Lanka. So much more than blue skies and white-sand beaches, this teardrop isle has a lot to offer travelers. Colonized by the English, Dutch...
woman canoeing memorial day

The 10 Best Memorial Day Weekend Getaway Destinations

Memorial Day is just around the corner. For many people, Memorial Day weekend feels like the official start of summer. This is your sign that you should use this long weekend for a getaway. So relax, explore somewhere new, and enjoy the excellent weather! Here are the top 10 best memorial day weekend getaway destinations you should be considering. First, Washington DC...
countries open to americans

10 Places Americans Can Still Travel To Right Now

While many countries have locked down their borders to the United States, there is still a large contingent of countries open to US travelers despite the coronavirus pandemic. The decision to travel remains up to individuals, with these places all being open for business. In no particular order, here are 10 exciting destinations that are still open to American tourists...
traveling alone

How To Travel Alone For The First Time

In today's world, traveling is the best way to learn more about the world we live in. Traveling alone is much different than traveling with others, but it doesn’t mean it’s any less fun. The thought of traveling alone can be intimidating. However, once you have the confidence to go on your own you’ll quickly realize that solo travel has many advantages. It opens the door for new...

5 Major Music Festivals that are Back On This Year

After over a year of delayed and canceled music festivals, many people are ready to get back to the powerful live performances and celebrations of their favorite artists. It may be halfway into 2021, but there are still plenty of music festivals you can attend. We’ve found the top five you should consider booking tickets for – quickly! 1. Summerfest Summerfest...
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