The 5 Bougiest Destinations on Planet Earth

Sometimes it’s fun to see how the other half live. If money wasn’t an object, it’s fun to daydream about what kind of trip would you take? Here are the 5 bougiest destinations on planet earth that the rich and famous love to visit. 1. Monaco Monaco is quite literally the country for the wealthy. Known as “the billionaire’s playground,” Monaco has over 12,000...
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The 6 Best Christmas Celebrations Around the World

Christmas is just around the corner. Luckily, there’s still time to think about how to make this year’s holiday a little extra special. For some inspiration, here are the six best Christmas celebrations around the world. If one of these catches your eye, it might just be a good idea to book a plane ticket today! 1. Winter Wonderland (London, England) During the...
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7 of The Most Magical Cruise Destinations in the World

Ready to make up for lost time and head out on the high seas? We don’t blame you. Endless food & drinks, and the sound of the ocean, all while waking up every morning in a new, amazing place just waiting to be explored? Sounds pretty perfect to us. Luckily, we’ve done the hard part for you. We’ve rounded up 7 of the most beautiful and scenic cruise routes around the world, all just waiting for you to pick a ship and set sail.
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The 10 Most Relaxing Vacations to Take in the USA

Taking a vacation to a sunny beach does not necessarily mean that you will have a relaxing time, especially if it is a popular crowded vacation destination in a tourist hot spot. If you are looking for a more stress-free holiday, here is a list of ten places in the USA you can go to be at peace and get away from it all...

8 Incredible Travel Experiences You Can Only Have in Portugal

Portugal is truly the hidden gem of Western Europe. Located next to Spain on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is home to some of the finest beaches, richest culture, and most delicious food in all of Europe. From Porto and Lisbon to Madeira and the Azores, there’s something for every luxury traveler to fall in love with in Portugal...
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5 Apple Watch Apps to Download Before Your Next Trip

Thinking about taking a trip in 2022? Before you depart, take some time to download these handy apps for your trip. An Apple Watch is a fantastic travel companion, able to tell you things about where you've visited and to track what you're up to. These 5 Apple Watch Apps are must-downloads before your next trip!

Popeye: The Bizarre Movie Set Turned Theme Park in Malta

When I traveled across to Malta in September 2021, little did I imagine Louise, the receptionist at my hotel, telling me to, "Visit Popeye Village." I had to ask her what Popeye Village was. She handed me a brochure, and I couldn't believe it. She said, "Popeye was filmed in Malta." I had no idea! This is the amazingly quirky theme park that has grown out the 1980s musical Popeye.
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The 5 Best Off the Beaten Path Destinations in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has become a top destination for many travelers. There are so many countries to explore with each one offering up a unique experience. It’s also significantly cheaper than Europe, which means you can travel for a lot longer and fit more into your itinerary. The increasing popularity of Southeast Asia travel means you’re dealing with larger and...
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The 6 Best Off the Beaten Path Destinations in Central and South America

If you’re a thrill-seeking adventurer, you probably like to travel off the beaten path. These destinations give you a more authentic experience of the country. You also don’t have to deal with crowds of tourists or overpriced food and activities. And, Central America is one of the best regions to seek out the road less traveled. Here are the six best off the...
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10 Canadian RV Road Trips to Take in 2022

If you are planning an RV Road Trip in Canada, you are in for a real treat. Canada has all kinds of great routes with smooth, modern highways that hug the country’s many coasts, forests, and mountains with plenty of campsites and National Parks. Here are ten of the best scenic RV road trips to take in Canada...
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