Boat on Kafue River

The Most Epic Safari to Take Your Kids on in Zambia

From the tiniest frog to the heaviest elephant, the oldest tree to the noisiest hornbill, fascinating discoveries are waiting to be made around almost...

5 Delicious Cooking Classes Around the World

If you love to travel, and love to cook, then signing up for a cooking class while you're on vacation is a no-brainer. In this article, Travel Magazine contributors Carla and Rick Tocquigny travel to five different places to take cooking classes, and walk you through some of their favorite adventures in culinary travel. Read more about their journey on Travel Magazine...
things to eat in vietnam

5 Foods (Other Than Pho) That You Need to Eat in Vietnam

When you travel to Vietnam, your taste buds will likely be set on trying the pho bo and pho ga, and you won't be disappointed. Don't kid yourself though - there are a lot of other foods you need to sink your teeth into when visiting this amazing country. Take a look at these five amazing things you need to try when you visit Vietnam. First, you should get your hands on...
top hotels big island hawaii

10 Amazing Hotels on the Island of Hawaii

The Island of Hawaii, a.k.a. “the Big Island,” makes for a fantastic vacation. There’s amazing food, hikes, active volcanoes to explore, stunning beaches, and local entertainment. Choosing the right accommodations in Hawaii can ensure you have a truly spectacular trip. Luckily, to make the booking process a little easier, we’ve found the most amazing hotels in Hawaii for you...
Best Places to Surf Maui

Surfing on Maui: The Surfer’s Guide to the Valley Isle

Come ride the perfect wave in the Valley Isle, the nickname for the island of Maui that boasts a ring of black volcanic peaks lined with jungles, coves, and bays. When you are not surfing you can enjoy some of Maui's best hiking trails, spectacular views, and watching the pros ride the big ones. Snorkeling, luaus, and local food vendors can also be found along these beaches...
January Vacations

The Five Best Places to Visit in January

Whether you’re looking to take advantage of the after-Christmas crowds and head to the slopes, or you’re seriously needing some vitamin C, we’ve rounded up the five best places to visit after the New year. Click to read more
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