Guimaras Philippines

The Secret Mango Island Less Traveled: Guimaras

In this article from Travel Magazine Contributor Eypee Kaamino heads to Guimaras in the Philippines, to discover the secrets of the mango island know for some of the most delicious fruit in the world. Read about the encounters with locals, nights spent sleeping under the stars on the beach, and just how incredible of a journey you can have when you embrace your travels...
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10 Things We Miss About Travel Right Now

For many of us, 2020 has been the year where we’ve had to cancel or put on hold some fantastic travel plans. Luckily, there seems to be hope around the corner that 2021 will include travel. Never again will any of us take for granted our travel plans – big or small. That’s why we took the time to dive into the top 10 things we miss about travel right now. So ...

10 Spots on New Zealand’s South Island You Won’t Want to Miss

Te Waipounamu, also known as New Zealand’s South Island, is one of the most humbling places on this beautiful planet of ours. From the stunning Southern Alps to the towering fjords and abundance of wildlife, it’s easy to be constantly reminded of the beauty that comes with a deep connection to the land we live on. Popular amongst travelers young and old, here are 10 places that you won’t want to miss on your next adventure to this dreamy place. Prepare to be blown away!
walking tours in lisbon

The 10 Best Walking Tours of Lisbon

Walking is the best way to see as much as you can of Lisbon or any city for that matter. You just cannot appreciate all of the beauty and culture from inside a vehicle. Lisbon has an average temperature in the 60s all year long, so taking a walking tour here is always a great idea. Want to see the major attractions, see all the parks, let your stomach guide you to all the eateries...
Eastern Tibet Beautiful Mountains

Eastern Tibet: The Hidden Gem of the Highest Land on the Earth

Tibet is a dreamland for many travelers. Giant snowy mountains, glaciers, endless grasslands, scattered herds of yaks, mysterious monasteries and stupas, and unique culture - this is the image that appears in most traveler’s minds. And what makes this image even more incredible is the altitude - all of this is located high above the sea, between 3000 m and 5000 m, and the highest peaks on the Earth rising up to more than 8000 m. Yes, this is the “Roof of the World”.

7 Packing Pointers for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads can do their online work from any number of places around the world, many of which offer great weather, attractive scenery, and some exciting adventures. But they need to travel light, so should pack sensibly to ensure they can both do their work efficiently and also enjoy the lifestyle with minimum complications. The digital nomad life was becoming increasingly common before the pandemic began and will doubtless be popular again when traveling is more possible.
desert adventures

9 Desert Adventures to Satisfy Your Inner Nomad

With deserts making up 33% of the world’s land surface, it’s no surprise they attract millions of visitors to their awe-inspiring environments each year. And while some escape to the desert for its tranquility and serene properties, others seek out exploits to get the adrenaline flowing. So we’ve combed the earth and found 9 desert experiences that are unlike all others...

Exploring Fabulous Fiji: Tiger Sharks, Kava Roots, and So Much More

The Republic of Fiji consists of 333 islands situated north of New Zealand and in the heart of the tropical South Pacific Ocean. One hundred of these islands are permanently inhabited. Fiji has been described as the “soft coral capital of the world,” providing for some great underwater adventures and marine life. Fiji is not one of those tropical paradises that people rush to visit due to distance, cost, and limited accommodations, but it is a once in a lifetime experience. To the lucky visitors, Fiji simply means “Paradise” and how right they are!
toledo spain

Holy Toledo: A Day Trip to the Spanish City

The ancient city of Toledo, Spain is known for having a beautiful mix of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim influences. It is nicknamed both "The City of Three Cultures" and "The Imperial City" as it was once the court of Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire. It sits on a hill surrounded by an ancient medieval wall and the Tagus River. Get to know this amazing city with Travel Magazine...

The Cook Islands: Island Hopping, White Sand Beaches, and The Best Seafood Sandwiches in...

Add New Post Save draft Preview (opens in a new tab) Publish Add title Island Hopping Around the Cook Islands The Cook Islands are a chain of 15 tropical islands located in the South Pacific Ocean between her neighbors, French Polynesia (Tahiti) on the East, and the Fiji islands to the West. Lush vegetation, warm blue lagoon waters, secluded white sand beaches, and the charm of her people make The Cook Islands a Paradise. The local greeting is “Kia Orana” meaning, “may you live long.” It should mean, “may you stay long,” because it will be difficult to leave this little corner of paradise.