Paragliding in Switzerland

5 Best Activities for Thrill-Seekers in Switzerland

Switzerland. Known for its scenic alpine views, cheese, chocolate, and of course… bucket list-worthy adventures. Whether you're looking to visit this Winter or are holding off until the weather warms up, we know you'll find your thrill here. Read more here.
January Vacations

The Five Best Places to Visit in January

Whether you’re looking to take advantage of the after-Christmas crowds and head to the slopes, or you’re seriously needing some vitamin C, we’ve rounded up the five best places to visit after the New year. Click to read more

7 Reasons You Need to Visit Namibia

Namibia is a beautiful paradise in Southern Africa known for the Namib Desert and a beautiful coastline along the Atlantic Coast. The country has plenty of wildlife (the world’s largest cheetah population), as well as the world’s highest sand dunes. An added benefit is that Namibia hasn’t been overrun by giant crowds of tourists just yet, so it can be a serene...
cruise ship sailing

7 of The Most Magical Cruise Destinations in the World

Ready to make up for lost time and head out on the high seas? We don’t blame you. Endless food & drinks, and the sound of the ocean, all while waking up every morning in a new, amazing place just waiting to be explored? Sounds pretty perfect to us. Luckily, we’ve done the hard part for you. We’ve rounded up 7 of the most beautiful and scenic cruise routes around the world, all just waiting for you to pick a ship and set sail.
lighthouse on beach

The 10 Most Relaxing Vacations to Take in the USA

Taking a vacation to a sunny beach does not necessarily mean that you will have a relaxing time, especially if it is a popular crowded vacation destination in a tourist hot spot. If you are looking for a more stress-free holiday, here is a list of ten places in the USA you can go to be at peace and get away from it all...
RV under stars

10 Canadian RV Road Trips to Take in 2022

If you are planning an RV Road Trip in Canada, you are in for a real treat. Canada has all kinds of great routes with smooth, modern highways that hug the country’s many coasts, forests, and mountains with plenty of campsites and National Parks. Here are ten of the best scenic RV road trips to take in Canada...
lighthouse faroe islands

10 Destinations That Will Be Trending Around the World in 2022

International travel is going to be back in a big way in 2022, with many glamorous and exotic destinations on this list currently trending amongst international travelers. Some are old favorites that have recovered from the pandemic or other challenging times, but they are back in full swing. Other destinations on our list are newer to travelers and lesser-known hidden gems. Here are 10 destinations that will definitely be trending in 2022...
Savannah Trees over Road

The Top 10 US Cities to Visit in 2022

Some cities will always be top vacation destinations, such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, and Miami. However, other amazing cities in the US have a ton of culture, less hustle, and are much more affordable than those four top destinations - and we’ll show you a few of them. Here is our list of the top ten cities in the US for you to discover in 2022...
Boat on Kafue River

The Most Epic Safari to Take Your Kids on in Zambia

From the tiniest frog to the heaviest elephant, the oldest tree to the noisiest hornbill, fascinating discoveries are waiting to be made around almost...
Couple hugging wintertime

7 Best Getaways for Couples this Winter

As we enter the season of short days and early nights, it can feel nice to break up the mundane days by booking a winter getaway. Winter is the perfect time for a romantic getaway. Escape to a winter wonderland and enjoy the blankets of pure white snow snuggled in front of a fireplace. Or, escape the cold, and fly away to somewhere sunny and tropical together...
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