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5 Unique Hotels From Around the World (That Won’t Put You to Sleep)

Tired of the usual 2 double beds, minibar, and third-floor parking lot view? Sick of the check in, check out, breakfast is served before 10, pool closes at 11 type of hotel? If this sounds like hell to you, don't throw out travel altogether. You might just need a new point of view. Here are 5 unique hotels that definitely won't put you to sleep, like the Skylodge Adventure Suites...
wine lovers vacation

5 Countries Every Wine Lover Needs to Visit

For wine lovers, a great vacation will always include a stop at a winery. And, we understand why! A winery has so much to offer. In one spot you get beautiful views, elegant ambiance, delicious food and wine, and even educational tours around the property. If you consider yourself a wine lover, we insist you make one of these top five countries your next vacation...

The Best Hike in All of Virginia

To get this Blue Ridge Mountain sunset, be forewarned: This hike is not for the faint of heart. It is a challenge. In fact, it can be agonizing and torturous at times, which is why I suppose hikers often find some type of symbolism between the grueling trek up and the hike’s name. You should know I’m not the only person who feels this way either. George Washington National Forest’s The Priest carries several warnings such as the ones I have written, along with others that contain the words “fear,” “unrelenting,” and “difficult.” This is due to the mountain’s steep elevation gain of over 3,000 feet in the short four mile-distance to the summit.
Sailing in France

10 Incredible Experiences to Have in France

France is a country rich in history, amazing wine and five-star restaurants. Enjoy the older architecture and vibrant art scene, go horseback riding, visit the glamor of the Riviera or savor the fruits of the vineyards of the south. Here are 10 incredible experiences to have during your stay in France...
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The Best Route To Explore Cancun

Cancun is a beautiful beach destination, with countless attractions and sites to discover and many activities to try. However, one of the biggest concerns for travelers is not being able to know Cancun in detail because the time of their trip can be a limitation for getting to know all the wonders this destination holds.
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20 Jaw-Dropping Photos That Prove Bali Is The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

It doesn’t matter what way you look at it, Bali is THE place to visit. It’s of the most popular travel destinations in the world, and with good reason — Bali is known as the ‘Island of the Gods,’ because it truly looks and feels like an island made for the Gods. Surrounded by bright blue seas and golden beaches, Bali is of course a beach lover’s paradise,  but there’s so much...
the 5 best places in the world to scuba dive

The 5 Best Places in the World to Scuba Dive

If you're a scuba diver and haven't put together your bucket list yet, this is a great place to start. These five dives are some of the best in the world, featuring awe-inspiring biodiversity, beautiful shipwrecks, and crystal clear waters to make sure you snap some photos to remember your trip. These dream destinations may be hard to get to, but they undoubtedly feature some of the...

The Old and the Beautiful: 5 Ancient Places You Might Not Know About

Although it may be true with cell phones, "new is better" is not to be said about travel. Yes, new attractions can be dazzling. The Golden Bridge in Vietnam and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai come to mind immediately. But there's nothing quite like the ancient world when it comes to being awe-struck. Just being in the presence of these five sites will make you wonder how on earth they...
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5 Reasons To Take A Solo Trip

Whether you’ve pondered setting out on your own for a while now or this is a fresh, new idea courtesy of all the time at home 2020 has gifted you, taking a solo trip is an experience unlike any other. Feeling anonymous in an unknown place may sound at first scary or lonely, but beyond these initial reactions is a whole world waiting for you! Here are 5 reasons to go for it and take a trip solo...
UAE solo female travel

Sleepless in the UAE: The Ultimate Solo Female Layover

A lot of things in this world can kill you but monotony is the biggest threat of all. Standing barefoot in the evening Dubai desert in 130-degree humidity to procure what would become the most refreshing Corona of my life, I smiled to myself for having pulled off the layover of all layovers. Desert sand coated my sweaty skin like a sticky sugar donut. My boarding pass was damp, but....
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