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I am a luxury lifestyle and travel blogger, creator, and influencer who is always game for a new adventure, especially if it involves a destination in a tropical part of the globe! My love of travel stems from having the opportunity to live internationally and befriending amazing individuals from many different cultures who have inspired me to see the world. I have champagne in my veins and wanderlust in my soul. I love to blog and use my creative uniqueness to share about the hidden gems, chic boutiques, five-star resorts, and all the amazing things in between that I have experienced. I love to try different foods and immerse myself in everything that crosses my path while I am exploring the road less traveled. I approach life with a wondrous sense of adventure. I hope to inspire others to see the world through my eyes so that they will feel inspired to go and see the world for themselves; near or far. Visit Jaclyn's Website
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