air canada flight pass

It’s been a hard year for many businesses, especially those in the travel industry. Airlines have had to deal with less passengers and plenty of restrictions in 2020, and Air Canada is thinking outside the box in order to help travelers return to international travel over the coming years. That’s why they’ve announced their “Gift of Travel Flight Pass.” Here’s what’s included.

Since most people aren’t comfortable taking a vacation right now, or until the COVID-19 pandemic calms down and a vaccine is released, Air Canada wants travelers to think ahead with their new Flight Pass. Anyone who purchases a Flight Pass can give the pass as a gift to anyone with an Aeroplan account, with the recipient being able to cash it in anytime between now and April 20, 2022.

There’s savings to be had here. You’ll need one credit for each way, but just look at the pricing examples.

Here’s the credit pricing.

  • Europe and North Africa starts at $549 per flight credit
  • South America starts at $599 per flight credit
  • Asia starts at $699 per flight credit.

This deal is on until December 1. For full pricing and more information click here