8 Expert Tips for Traveling Norway

tips for traveling norway

Norway is home to beautiful landscapes, friendly people, and extreme temperatures. The nation of roughly 5 million people is bursting with things to do and places to see. If you’ve been considering a trip to Norway, take a look at these 8 tips. They’re sure to set you off on the right foot.

1. Bring your hiking shoes

hiking in norway

Norway is known for having some of the best hiking in the world. The Pulpit Rock is well known for inducing vertigo at the top, and the hike to this steep cliff face is one you won’t soon forget. You’ll also want to visit Kjeragbolten, a boulder wedged between two cliffs, and Trolltunga, pictured above.

2. Don’t be afraid to go north

ice fishing in norway

Yes, Oslo is full of culture, and Bergen is beautiful, but don’t be afraid to venture far north to cities like Roros. It’s above the Arctic Circle where you can try once in a lifetime activities like dog sledding, ice fishing, snow shoeing, or just witnessing the 24 hours of sun present during the summer months.

3. Try the venison

venison in norway

In addition to the amazing variety of seafood, you’ll definitely want to be ordering venison when you’re in Norway. It’s a local favorite, something that Norwegians have been preparing for centuries. It’s typically served with a sweet sauce that cuts through any gaminess.

4. Chase the Northern Lights

If you’re in Norway during the winter, you’re almost guaranteed to see the Northern Lights. The further north you go, the easier they are to find. You can still see them in the shoulder seasons, but it’s not as likely. Think of them as your reward for toughing out the colder months.

The best way to see them is by dog sled – don’t miss this once in a lifetime adventure.

5. Prepare for expensive everyday purchases

is norway expensive?

Norway is extremely beautiful, so look at the prices of things as a stunning-scenery-tax to help get you through the day. Everything is more expensive in Norway, from the coffee to the beer to the meals. Bring a few extra bucks with you to help you enjoy everything this country has to offer.

6. Convert your money

money in norway

The Norwegian Kroner (NOK) is the accepted form of currency in Norway, so don’t show up with Euro’s or US Dollars. Order them from your bank and save yourself the hassle (and expensive fees) of doing any conversion when you land.

7. Start in Oslo, End in Bergen

flying into bergen norway

Or the other way around. Reason being, these are the two biggest cities with airports in the country, so you’ll spend less time on planes and more time exploring the beauty of Norway. Stavanger is another major airport if you’re looking for a third option – it’s roughly the same size as Bergen’s airport.

8. Bring a jacket

is norway cold

Norway isn’t known for being the warmest of places. Even in the shoulder seasons, it can be quite chilly. Bring a jacket no matter when you’re traveling, and if you’re planning on cruising the fjords, make it a big and comfy one.

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