Vegan Restaurants Toronto

Vegan and plant-based food have gone through a revolution in the last few decades. Today, not only is vegetarian and vegan food easy to find, but it’s also undeniably delicious cuisine. And Toronto is one of the best – if not the best – Canadian cities to find delicious vegan food. We’ve found the eight best vegan restaurants in Toronto that everyone has to try.  

1. Rosalinda Restaurant

Rosalinda Restaurant is a Mexican spot in downtown Toronto offering fantastic vegan food and a fun atmosphere. This restaurant focuses on using seasonal, local ingredients for all its dishes. And, Rosalinda also has an extensive wine and cocktail list, making it a perfect destination for a date night or celebration. Some of our favorites here include the Gaucho Pie Mushroom & Pasilar Empanadas and the Morita Cauliflower Tacos.

A variety of dishes available from Rosalinda Restaurant, Toronto
Via @rosalindarestaurant on Instagram

2. The Hogtown Vegan

Let’s be honest, vegan doesn’t have to equal healthy. And no one understands that better than The Hogtown Vegan. This casual spot offers up a plant-based menu of classic Southern-style comfort food. Come here when you want big portions of delicious, fried, comfort food. You have to try the Chili Cheez Fries and the Mac ‘n Cheez. Everything here is so good, you’ll have trouble believing it’s not real dairy or meat products!

The Chili Cheeze Fries from the Hogtown Vegan
Via @hogtownvegan on Instagram

3. LOV

At this point, LOV has started to dominate the vegan scene for Canada’s East Coast. There are now five LOV locations across Toronto and Montreal. When you first come to a LOV location, your eye is immediately drawn to the stunning decor and the atmosphere. The dining area is massive, with lovely decorations and plants everywhere. But, people don’t just come here for the Instagram-worthy backdrop. The food here is refined, beautiful, and delicious. You get a fine dining experience that’s plant-based and affordable. 

You absolutely have to order LOV’s eloquent take on Shepherd’s pie, as well as the beet tartare. LOV also serves a fantastic brunch on weekends from 10 am to 3 pm. 

LOV Restaurant in Toronto has an amazing vegan menu
Via @lovrestaurant on Instagram

4. Fat Choi

Fat Choi is a 100% vegan restaurant offering up Asian-inspired dishes. Most of the plates take inspiration from Chinese and Malaysian cuisine. 

The restaurant is an interesting concept. Essentially, Fat Choi runs and operates out of another restaurant called Soos. When one of the owners of Soos went vegan, she wanted to offer up plant-based options to her clientele, and Fat Choi was born. Fair warning – since it’s a two-in-one kitchen concept, you should always specify that your items are plant-based. 

If you only have one dish here, it must be the Scrumptious Cakes. But, our honest recommendation is to opt for the “Feed Me,” which, for $45 per person, feeds the entire table a variety of dishes. 

The Scrumptious Cakes from Fat Choi, Toronto
Via @fatchoito on Instagram

5. Hello 123

Hello 123 has gained a cult following for its tasty, convenient vegan menu. And, it’s quickly received local success and now has locations in both Toronto and Montreal. With an extensive menu, you can come to Hello 123 for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And, while the Brunch All Day menu has plenty of winners on it, it’s the Lasagna from here that makes us drool. 

Vegan lasagna from Hello 123

6. Pizzeria Du

Italian Chef Dualco was passionate about plant-based food and dreamed of running a vegan Italian restaurant one day. Sadly, he passed away right before his restaurant, Vitalia, was set to open. His friends, family, and partners have continued his dream by opening Pizzeria Du in his honor. Pizzeria Du still holds the memory of Chef Dulaco, even using the pizza crust recipe he spent two years perfecting. 

The pizzas here are fantastic and taste amazingly close to traditional Italian pizza. If you’re craving Italian food, Pizzeria Du will satisfy you without you even remembering it’s plant-based! The Mediterranean is one of the most popular pies; it comes with roasted Artichoke hearts, garlic, cashew mozzarella, basil, balsamic reduction, and almond parmesan. We also insist that you order a Meatball Sub for the table for everyone to try.  

The vegan Mediterranean pizza from Pizzeria Du
Via @osteriadu on Instagram

7. Planta

While we usually wouldn’t put a chain restaurant on this list, Planta is the only exception. Planta might be one of the most successful vegan chains in North America, with nine locations across Toronto, New York, Miami, and Maryland. We predict big things from Planta and do not doubt that they’ll have even more locations across the US and Canada in a few years. 

Planta started in 2016 with a mission to “provide flavorful proof that the power of plants can change the world.” The restaurant aims to be as paperless as possible and operate in a reduced-waste environment. Whenever possible, Planta sources local and seasonal ingredients for its menu. And, in hotter climates like Miami, Planta grows its own fruits and vegetables. 

Everything here is elegant and delicious, but our top dish has to be the Truffle Fried Rice which comes with black shaved truffle, mushroom “bacon,” peas, and vegan egg. 

Planta's Truffle Udon Noodles dish
Via @planta on Instagram

8. Stefano’s Sandwiches 

Often, vegan sandwiches can be pretty disappointing. Too often, it’s just a lot of vegetables between two slices of bread without any flavor. Well, the creative geniuses at Stefano’s Sandwiches are here to turn that misconception right around. 

The plant-based sandwiches here are packed with taste, using delicious, fresh ingredients to replicate childhood classics. You can get the All Day Breakfast sandwich, the Vegan Filet O Fish, or the Vegan Fried Chicken. These are all so good, we can’t even tell you which of the three is best! You’ll just have to try them all. 

The vegan filet o fish from Stefano's Sandwiches
Via @stefanossandwiches on Instagram

And if you’re sitting on the West Coast sad that you can’t try all this amazing vegan food, check out our 10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Vancouver.