cheap vancouver flights

Now is a great time to book travel. As there seems to be a lot of hope of the pandemic winding down, people are open to travel once again. Airlines are still offering massive deals as flights aren’t totally filling at pre-pandemic rates yet. And, before all the crowds sweep in to catch up on missed holidays, there’s still plenty of time to book discounted flights. If you live in (or close to) Vancouver, BC, here are 10 flights that are cheaper than usual right now. 

1. Vancouver to Dublin, Ireland

Air Canada offers direct flights from Vancouver to Dublin, Ireland, and currently, the prices for summer 2022 are a steal. You can get a roundtrip ticket, including taxes, for under $700 if you choose the right dates next summer. According to Google Flights, these tickets are roughly $200 less than usual right now. The best prices are in June, but you can find lower-than-usual prices up until September 2022. 

Ireland is admitting fully vaccinated Canadians into the country without any restrictions. Currently, Ireland doesn’t accept mixed vaccines, but Tourism Ireland spokesperson Jocelyn Black believes this will change in the upcoming months. 

Flights to Dublin Ireland from YVR are affordable right now! Come see the beautiful Irish coast.

2. Vancouver to Las Vegas, USA

Both Air Canada and WestJet are offering roundtrip, nonstop flights to Vegas for under $350. Currently, these flights are available on weekends (Friday to Sunday) for all of January and the first half of February. After this timeline, the flights go up by over $100. 

The United States is currently accepting fully vaccinated Canadians, including mixed vaccines. 

A view of the Las Vegas skyline and all the buildings.

3. Vancouver to Palm Springs, USA

Flights from Vancouver to Palm Springs from January 2022 to early March 2022 range from $252 to $319 roundtrip and nonstop. These flights are a great deal and an excellent excuse to escape the cold January winter months for some desert heat. 

The United States is currently accepting fully vaccinated Canadians, including mixed vaccines. 


Take a flight from Vancouver to Palm Springs, California for cheaper than usual right now.

4. Vancouver to San Jose, Costa Rica 

Flights to Costa Rica are under $600 for January and February 2022. The cheapest options include one to two stops, so you’ll have to pay a couple hundred more for a nonstop flight. 

Travelers don’t need to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test upon arrival. However, proof of vaccination will be required to enter restaurants, gyms, resorts, casinos, shops, hotels, and most tourist activities. 

Jungle and ocean views in Costa Rica

5. Vancouver to Phoenix, Arizona

Flights from YVR to Phoenix are approximately $125 cheaper than usual right now. You can fly from January to late March for under $180 roundtrip and nonstop if you don’t mind leaving on a weekday. Take advantage of these flights now! We have a feeling these prices won’t last long as Canadians look to get away from the cold. 

Fully vaccinated Canadians can enter the United States, including individuals with mixed vaccines. 

The Arizona desert at sunset with a view of cacti.

6. Vancouver to Toronto

If you’re up for a vacation within the country, Toronto has some incredibly affordable rates for early 2022. Everyone knows a flight from Vancouver to Toronto can typically start at $500 and exceed $1,000 roundtrip. But, right now, you can find nonstop roundtrip flights for under $250. Fly across the country from January to March 2022 for an incredible price! 

Effective October 30, 2021, Canadians have to be fully vaccinated for domestic air travel. 

Flights from YVR to YYZ are amazingly affordable right now.

7. Vancouver to London, England

If you’re looking for a European escape this spring or summer, the flights to London, England, are very reasonable right now. Some of the cheap options are even direct flights! From April to June 2022, you can easily find flights for under $700 roundtrip. 

Fully vaccinated Canadians don’t require a pre-departure negative COVID test or need to quarantine when entering London. Unvaccinated individuals will need to provide a negative test and will have to quarantine. 

A view of the red double decker bus going over a bridge in London, England.

A lot of these deals won’t last long, so make sure you grab them now! After all, who doesn’t need a trip to look forward to in 2022?