the best things to do in new cities

Just land in a new city? Perfect. We put together a list of things that everyone should try when they visit a city for the first time around. Be sure to try all 6 of these things when you go somewhere new.

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1. The most talked-about restaurant

There are many ways to find the best restaurant in town, and having written about our favorites on Travel Magazine for many cities, we think we’re a pretty great resource. That being said, you might wonder how we find such amazing places. The answer is simple: we ask.

We don’t turn to Yelp or Trip Advisor, we get out into the streets and ask locals where there favorite place to grab lunch or dinner happens to be. Always trust the locals over Yelp, which is typically full of tourists.

2. The public transportation

take public transit in new places

One of the best ways to get to know a city is by taking public transportation. It could be a subway, a bus, or even a funicular. You’ll learn a lot about how expensive things are, where the job and retail centers of town are, and how to get around – which is invaluable if your time in a city is limited.

3. The museums

see the museums when you visit a city

Most major cities are home to their own museums, which are a great way to learn about the local history and culture of a place. We recommend getting to the museum early on in a trip so that you can use what you’ve learned as a guide of sorts while you walk around town. Learning about the past will help you enjoy the present even more.

4. The local drink

try the local drink

Every city has its own drink that you need to taste – whether it be a craft beer, wine, cocktail, cup of coffee, or anything else. A few of our favorite examples include:

Kaffeost – a Northern Scandinavian drink with coffee and cheese

Snake wine – rice wine infused with an entire snake, we tried this in China

Limoncello – we ended every meal with this in the Amalfi Coast

Egg Coffee – one of our favorite things about Vietnam is this delicious treat

5. A walk across town

walk around new cities

We couldn’t be more against taking a taxi unless it’s to or from an airport or train station. Walking across town is one of our favorite ways to get to know a place. You’ll see, hear, taste and smell more on a simple stroll than you will by doing anything else on vacation. Bring a good pair of sneakers and start exploring.

6. The viewpoint

the viewpoint in athens greece

Almost every city in the world has some sort of viewpoint, whether it be at the top of a hill, a mountain, or just at the top of a building. Take the stairs, elevator, funicular, or hike up to the highest point, and get a glimpse of the city from above. It will give you perspective and is also a great photo opportunity!