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With travelers missing on international destinations and COVID-19 numbers in the United States still rising, many Americans are longing for a safer travel option for 2020. While long-haul travel is off the table for most tourists, vacation rental solutions are looking like a more attractive option to many Americans. Here are a few reasons why vacation rentals are becoming 2020’s best travel option.

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1. Vacation Rentals can be booked instantly

While many tours and Airbnb’s require confirmation to book, there are vacation rentals available that can be instantly booked and confirmed without any back and forth. Instant bookings give travelers the assurance that they aren’t wasting their time searching, only to find that a property or tour is fully sold out or unavailable. Maupintour currently offers instantly bookable vacation rentals, be sure to give them a look through when you’re ready to book a vacation rental property.

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2. You can stay close to home

With many travelers preferring to stay close to home this summer, vacation rentals make it easy as ever to take a trip close to home. Not every town is full of hotels, but private vacation homes are in abundance. Plus, as a bonus…

3. Less contact with people

Fewer interactions means a safer holiday, which is why so many people are opting out of traditional getaways and opting into vacation rentals. They typically come with a code to enter, and have been cleaned top to bottom before your arrival. You’ll sleep much better knowing that it’s just you and your family together, without any hotel staff to deal with.

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4. No planes required

Driving is certainly going to be the preferred mode of transportation this summer, which eliminates a lot of travel options for 2020. Fortunately, all of America is within a few hours of a great getaway, and vacation rentals are the perfect way to make your trip extra special. You can even use your airline savings to upgrade and splurge on a stunning property that you would normally shy away from.

5. Affordability

If you’re traveling with your family, the price of a vacation rental will save you money over the course of your vacation. Many rentals are less than the cost of a hotel room, so if you were considering getting two rooms, you’ll be coming out ahead.

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6. Endless location options

Whether you’re looking in the Florida Keys, Palm Springs, or upstate New York, there’s a vacation rental with your name on it. Start your search for a vacation rental today, and see why it’s a great way to travel in 2020.