6 Incredible Things to do in Buenos Aires

Argentinian Steak

Buenos Aires, Argentina, is one of the cultural capitals of South America. This enormous city has a rich history, many landmarks and attractions, friendly people, and a fantastic culinary scene. It’s no surprise that Buenos Aires has become a top destination with avid travelers. If you’re planning your next trip here, we’ve got a list of six incredible experiences to add to your Buenos Aires itinerary. 

1. Explore Plaza de Mayo

The Plaza de Mayo is a city square that is a focal attraction point in Buenos Aires. This Plaza has a fascinating history of frequent political demonstrations and resistance marches, dating back to Argentina’s Dirty War. The political protests at Plaza de Mayo continue to this day. The mothers of the Desaparecidos and those protesting the British occupation of the Falkland Islands regularly meet here to protest still. Tourists love coming here to connect with Beunos Aires’ history and potentially see a political protest in action! 

The end of Plaza de Mayo also has the famous pink building called The Casa Rosada – the office of the President of Argentina.

The Casa Rosado in Buenos Aires, Argentina

2. See the Teatro Colón 

The Colón Theatre is the main opera house in Buenos Aires, Argentina. National Geographic listed this theatre as the top 10 opera houses globally. It’s also thought to be in the top five best concert venues in the world for acoustics. 

The theatre itself is a stunning building, taking up an entire city block and being seven stories high. Inside you’ll be dazzled by all the elegant, European-style decor. The Colón has Italian-marble staircases, Venetian mosaics, French stained glass, and a grandiose chandelier. Stepping into this theatre feels like a magical experience, and that’s even before you’ve sat down for a world-class show!  

Attend a show here for a romantic night out, taking in symphonies by famous orchestras, ballets, and operas. 

The chandelier in the Colón Theatre in Buenos Aires

3. Have a Coffee at a “Bares Notables” (Historical Cafe)

Buenos Aires has a thriving cafe culture, with cafes sprinkled throughout the city. Many of these cafes hold historical importance as the meeting places for legendary musical, political, and literary figures – such as Carlos Gardel and Jorge Luis Borges. 

A cafe has to be officially declared a bares notable once it’s been determined it has historical importance to Argentina’s culture. Currently, Buenos Aires has over 70 official historic cafes you can visit. 

Once a cafe is declared a bares notable, everything is done to preserve its original decor. This often means stepping into one of these cafes gives you the distinct impression of stepping back in time. Some of the more popular ones include Monte Castro and La Flor de Barracas. You’ll love taking in all the historic decor at any of these cafes as you enjoy your coffee and pastry. Just be warned – these cafes tend to be quite busy in the afternoons. Some bares notables stay open late and transition into a bar scene, serving cocktails and dinner. 

A dessert from a Bares Notables
Via @bareslosnotables on Instagram

4. Explore San Telmo 

If you want to see the heart of Buenos Aires, visit San Telmo. This neighborhood is beautifully picturesque, with cobbled streets, colonial houses, and quaint cafes. Come here in the daytime to do some shopping, have a great meal, and mingle with the locals. And, you can return to San Telmo in the evening to go dancing at some of the best nightclubs in Buenos Aires. 

San Telmo also has a beautiful market that’s been open since 1987. This market is open on Sundays and has over 270 vendor stalls selling fresh produce, artisan souvenirs, and street food. It’s the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon as you’re entertained by street performers, eat local snacks, and purchase gifts to bring home. 

5. Eat Steak and Drink Malbec

Argentina isn’t exactly the go-to place for vegetarians and vegans. If there’s one food group the country is known for, it’s meat. And, you can’t have a trip to Buenos Aires without a delicious steak dinner. Buenos Aires is full of high-quality steakhouses that deliver on taste and atmosphere. We love Don Julio, La Cabrera, and Cabana Las Lilas for a fantastic steak dinner. 

And, of course, you’ll need to pair your meat-heavy dinners with a glass of local Malbec. This popular red wine is grown in seven different countries, but Argentina is the leading producer. Don’t miss the opportunity to pair every red meat dish with a glass of delicate, well-rounded Argentian Malbec. We promise you’ll be dreaming of your delicious Argentian dinners for many years to come after your trip! 

Steaks from Cabana Las Lilas in Buenoas Aires
Via @rest_laslilias on Instagram

6. Take a Day Trip to Tigre

This isn’t necessarily a recommendation for Buenos Aires itself. Instead, we’re recommending you take the 35-minute drive outside of Buenos Aires to the nearby city of Tigre. You can also get to Tigre via a short train ride. 

Buenos Aires can start to feel crowded and hot in the summer months. Tigre is an excellent escape for a day, as it’s by the water, so it’s a bit cooler. It’s also a smaller city, so it’s much less crowded. 

Come here for the day and explore the local artist’s market or take a boat tour of the Tigre Delta. This is a nice way to see other parts of Argentina without traveling too far. 

A view of the river in Tigre, Buenos Aires
Via @respiraargentina on Instagram

Hopefully, we’ve given you some inspiration so you can have some plans for your trip to Buenos Aires. You can’t go wrong with any of these activities! 

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