6 Food Challenges in the USA You Probably Want Nothing to Do With

food challenges in the usa

Loosen up your belt, fast for 24 hours, and get ready to eat. These 6 food challenges are some of the most intense in the USA. Many of these spots were featured on Man Vs. Food and even Adam Richman couldn’t get through them all.

1. The 28-inch Lobster Roll

Where: North River Lobster Company, New York City

Yeah, that’s like, 18 inches more than anyone should ever need. And we love lobster rolls.

2. The Kitchen Sink

Where: San Francisco Creamery, San Francisco

The time to beat is 16 minutes and 40 seconds, and if you DO beat it – you’re looking at free ice cream for a year. Exactly what you’re going to want after you finish this gigantic sundae that should really be for 10.

3. The Grilled Cheese Donut Challenge


Where: Tom and Chee (Nationwide)

You’ve got to eat 12 grilled cheese donuts (pictured above) plus one mystery donut in under 10 minutes to be a winner at Tom and Chee. Winners get the meal free, a $50 gift card, t-shirt, and a crisp high five.

4. The Big Pie

Where: Big Pie Sky Pizzeria, Kennesaw, Georgia

This one’s called the Carnivore Challenge. Thousands have tried, only 12 people have accomplished the task. One hour, two people, and an 11-pound pie. Victors take home the free pie and $250, cash.

5. The 15 Dozen Challenge


Where: Acme Oyster House, New Orleans

Hard pass. 15 oysters would be pushing it, but 15 dozen!?

6. The Mac Daddy Pancake, Waikiki Beach

Where: Mac 24/7

We’re talking three 14 inch pancakes that weigh in at over 5 lbs. You have an hour and a half to finish, but boy – this one looks tough.

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