6 Cities in the USA to Visit for National Beer Day

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National Beer Day falls every year on April 7th and if you’re a beer-lover, it’s time to use this holiday as the perfect excuse to indulge in some celebratory drinks. And why not take it one step further and make it a mini getaway to explore a new city and its best breweries? Here are 7 cities in the US you should visit this National Beer Day to celebrate this great holiday. 

1. Portland, Oregon

Portland is known for a few things, but probably most famously for its craft breweries. The city has even earned the nickname “Beervana.” At last count, the city had over 70 breweries! You’ll find every type of beer here, from dark brews to strong IPAs and microbrews. One of the best ways to explore the beer scene in Portland is with a brewery tour. You can take a tour on foot, on a bike, party bike, or bus. It’s a great way to explore the area and have fun checking out the best beers in town! 

Or, if you want to venture out on your own and check out the very best breweries in Portland, we’ve got you covered. We’ve done a post on the top 8 breweries you need to visit in Portland, so make sure you check it out. 

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2. Chattanooga, Tennessee

In the last few years, several breweries have opened up in Chattanooga, making this city a go-to spot for beer lovers. Chattanooga might not have the 70+ breweries Portland has, but it has enough to satisfy any beer enthusiast for a weekend getaway. 

Make sure you stop at Chattanooga Brewing Co. (CBC), the oldest brewery in the city. This brewery initially opened in 1890 before being temporarily shut down during prohibition. You’ll always find on tap some of Chattanooga Brewing Co’s core beers, some seasonal brews, and a few guest taps. 

For a quick and easy tour of the Chattanooga Southside breweries, continue on from CBC to visit Wanderlinger Brewing Co., Hutton & Smith Brewing Company, and Naked River Brewing

Chattanooga is a walkable city with lots of breweries, great food, and friendly people. You’ll be able to celebrate National Beer Day here in style!

Chattanooga Brew Company
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3. Austin, Texas

Austin is a party town that embraces local businesses, so it’s only natural that craft breweries would dominate here. There are dozens of breweries here featuring their unique creations of bold IPAs, refreshing sours, and smooth lagers. 

We suggest taking advantage of Austin’s generally good weather and going on a pedal party bike. You and a group of friends can drink beers as you bike to each destination – what could be more perfect?

Austin has so many great breweries, but we highly recommend stopping at Austin Beer Garden Brewing, Austin Beerworks, and Hold Out Brewing. 

Man holding pint of beer in front of Austin Beerworks.
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4. San Diego, California

You might be surprised to find out that California has the most craft breweries. One particularly hot beer scene is San Diego, California. This coastline city has over 150 breweries, so you can take comfort in that you won’t have to walk far in this city to come across a brewery. 

You can enjoy some excellent taps by making your way through one of San Diego’s beer districts, known as “Hop Highway.” This district spans 20 miles across the western stretch of freeway #78, giving you a fantastic selection of craft breweries. In this short stretch, you can visit Bagby Beer Co., Arcana Brewing Co., Oceanside Ale Works, Mason Ale Works, and Belching Beaver Brewery, to name just a few. 

Of course, these are just five of the many breweries to explore in San Diego. You might not be able to get to every brewery, but many restaurants also tend to serve local beers. So, while you’re visiting this fun city, make it a personal challenge to try as many local craft beers as possible (responsibly, of course). 

A flight of craft beer samples in front of the water in San Diego.
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5. Seattle, Washington

Portland and Seattle have always had a bit of competition with each other. And in recent years, Seattle has come for Portland’s Pacific Northwest craft brewery crown. There are almost 70 breweries in Seattle, from microbreweries to chains that now operate in several states. Of course, we know 170 is a lot to comb through, so we have a list of the top eight breweries in Seattle you should prioritize visiting. 

If you want to get a quick rundown of some of Seattle’s best breweries without bouncing around the whole city, explore the Ballard Brewery District. It’s a six-block square that hosts 12 fantastic breweries. You can tour some of the city’s best breweries in one afternoon, visiting places like Stoup Brewing, Great Notion Brewing, and Peddler Brewing Company. It’s probably Seattle’s easiest brewery tour – just grab a beer at each spot and walk the few steps to the next brewery!  

A hand pouring a pint of beer from Great Notion Brewery.
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6. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville has roughly 50 or so breweries (and counting), allowing it to quickly become the beer capital of North Carolina. Between the growing number of excellent breweries and the fun environment of the city, Asheville has now earned itself the nickname “Beer City, USA.” 

Some of the core Asheville breweries every tourist has to visit includes Burial Beer Co., Zillicoah Beer Company, and Hi-Wire Brewing. 

The city has the usual beer tour options, so you can visit Asheville’s most popular breweries by party van or pubcycle. But, a tour isn’t always necessary. A large majority of Asheville’s breweries are located downtown, just walking distance from each other. A little bit of research means you can have a full day of beer tasting and getting your steps in without springing for Ubers, paid tours, or a designated driver. 

A glass of beer in a bar in Asheville.
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So, the only question left is what city is calling your name for this year’s National Beer Day celebrations?

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