6 Best Food & Wine Tours on Northern European Cruises

Northern Europe is largely known for its sweeping coastal views and rugged mountain landscapes, along with cozy old towns filled with rich culture.

There’s no doubt these are some of the main reasons you’ll decide to go on a cruise of Northern Europe.

But while you’re exploring and hopping from port to port, you may work up a bit of a thirst. And if that happens, then we have all our favorite Food and Wine Tours of Northern Europe, right here for you.

This guide goes into our recommended tours for the following countries:

  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Finland

Today, people are traveling from all over the world to experience the fantastic food and wine found in this region. And many of them are experiencing it while taking advantage of the luxury and convenience of a cruise through Northern Europe.

The best part of booking a Northern Europe cruise is that you get to avoid the hassle of flying, training, or bussing it from country to country. You don’t have to worry about switching hotel rooms or getting up for an early flight, and each morning you’ll be greeted by a fabulous new city just waiting for you to explore.

Copenhagen, Denmark: The Copenhagen Culinary Experience Food Tour

Rated consistently as one of the happiest cities in the world, Copenhagen is full of culture with a unique food scene that will easily satisfy any foodie.

With The Copenhagen Culinary Experience Food Tour, you’ll spend the afternoon wandering around the city, tasting all of Denmark’s food staples, and learning the history behind where some of the city’s oldest dishes stem from.

Because Copenhagen itself is pretty small, many of the main city sites and historical stops are within 20 minutes’ walking distance from the city center, making it the perfect destination for a food tour.

From local cheeses to Dutch apple wine, to chocolate-covered marshmallows and organic hot dogs, you won’t leave feeling like you’ve missed out on any of Copenhagen’s favorite delicacies.

Sussex, England: Sussex Vineyard and Winery Bus Tour

This European wine tour has combined the timelessness of a vintage London double-decker bus with a tour of the English countryside, all while you sip on local wine. Plus, your transportation mode will leave you plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the charming views around you.

The tour will also cross another item off your English bucket list as you eat at a traditional British pub. Fish and chips, anyone?

If you ask us, there is genuinely no better way to spend an afternoon visiting the beautiful countryside in England than by doing it while experiencing some of the best wine tastings in Europe.

Kent, England: The Estate Tour at Gusbourne Wines

While we’re on our two favorite subjects of England and wine, the estate tour at Gusbourne Winery is well worth adding to your itinerary for many reasons.

First, Gusbourne produces some of the best European wines, growing grapes on their property for chardonnay, pinot noir, and pinot meunier. Not to mention their vineyard is absolutely stunning, especially at sunset.

Because Gusbourne wines are created using grapes exclusively grown on their vineyard, you can pretty much guarantee that this is as fresh and homegrown as it gets.

The Estate tour is our recommendation for those looking for a proper European wine tour.

You’ll start out frolicking (well, walking) through the vineyard and sampling some of their most notable wines. Then, they’ll lead you to their tasting room, where the view alone is worth the trip. Here is where you’ll have lunch including dishes produced from local ingredients that are in season and, of course, paired with their finest wines.

Dublin, Ireland: The Ten Tastings of Dublin with Locals

If Ireland is on your cruise itinerary, then you’re in luck because Dublin has an underrated food scene. And what better way to learn about the local cuisine than from a local themselves with the Ten Tastings of Dublin with a locals food tour?

Booking a food tour with a local means you’ll likely discover places that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. During your afternoon in Dublin, you’ll try ten different tastings handpicked by those who know and love the city. And as you make your way through dishes and drinks like smoked cod fish and chips or local ciders, you’ll learn about the city around you.

Walking past Dublin Castle, the famous Trinity College, and Christ Church Cathedral are three of the city’s most historical points and will quickly make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. We sure did.

Stockholm, Sweden: The Nordic Food Walk Tour

If you’re up for the challenge, we highly suggest booking the Nordic Food Walk Tour to get a feel for Swedish cuisine.

This walking tour takes you through some of the city’s most beloved eateries and food markets, such as Õstermalms Saluhall, the oldest food market in Stockholm.

In addition to eating at some of the best spots the city has to offer, you’ll also be able to take in the beautiful city with an afternoon stroll. This was one of our favorite parts of the trip.

From its colorful buildings to the waterfront views and medieval streets, it’s a city in northern Europe that shouldn’t be missed. It’s also a really easy place to take day trips from, as ferries run all day long that can take you to islands in the area.

As your guide is providing some color on where the dishes came from and the history of where you’re walking in the city, you’ll be eating everything from a traditional Swedish Fika in Old Town to trying the famous Swedish meatballs, smoked reindeer, and bear and fish soup. Then, of course, you can wash this all down with a local beer or wine.

Espoo, Finland: Wine in the Woods

Of course, we saved the most unique Northern European wine tour for last. Wine in the Woods is an immersive experience where “wine and the forest meet.”

During your tour, you’ll be led through the trees into the middle of the woods, where they’ve created a wine bar. The intent here is to introduce wine lovers to their local wines while listening to the sounds of nature all around.

And don’t worry, this European wine will speak for itself. During your tour, you’ll have the pleasure of sipping on five different kinds of red wine. So as your guide explains the taste and history behind the wines, you’ll be relaxing and thoroughly enjoying the beautiful scenery of Finland that surrounds you.

For those looking to extend the experience, they also offer a “forest-themed” al-fresco dinner to follow your wine tasting.

So, once you book that cruise through northern Europe, all that’s left is deciding how to fit in as much eating, drinking, and exploring in your itinerary as you possibly can. We have total faith that you’ll make the right decisions.