5 Weekend Getaway Ideas on the Oregon Coast

Cannon Beach at Night

Ready for a weekend getaway? The Oregon Coast is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the US and has so much to offer visitors. And the best part is there’s something for everyone – whether you’re looking for a romantic, quiet getaway or an adventure-filled weekend. Here are five weekend getaway ideas on the Oregon Coast you can plan quickly and easily. 

1. Cannon Beach

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, Cannon Beach is calling your name. Cannon Beach is a small coastal town located in northwest Oregon. This city is only 90 minutes from Portland but feels like a true escape. You won’t find tall apartment buildings or popular fast-food chains here. Instead, Cannon Beach’s downtown is full of local, small businesses that offer a personal touch. 

Cannon Beach is an incredibly popular destination. In fact, National Geographic named it one of “the top 100 most beautiful places” in the world in 2013. Visitors come here to see the famous Haystack Rock – a 235-foot sea stack that is the third-largest of its kind in the world. 

Your weekend in Cannon Beach will look relaxing and peaceful. Book an oceanfront accommodation and spend your mornings or afternoons walking along the beach. Or, come down to the beach and watch the sunset as you cozy up next to a crackling beach fire. When you’re not spending time at the beach, you can indulge in a couples massage, a fantastic dinner at one of Cannon Beach’s top restaurants, or explore the North Coast Craft Beer Trail. 

If you need a relaxing, peaceful weekend away, Cannon Beach will be the perfect spot for you and your partner. 

Cannon Beach, Oregon

2. Newport 

Newport, Oregon, is a popular destination on Oregon’s central coast. Families especially love to come to this busy city because there’s always so much to do here. There’s NYE Beach, the Bayfront district, and Agate Beach. Our favorite is NYE Beach, the historic neighborhood right on the beach. First, explore the area for shops, great dining, and art venues. Then make your way over to the beach for some time by the water.  

One of the things Newport is known for is the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. This is Oregon’s tallest lighthouse standing at 93 feet tall. The lighthouse started operating in 1873 and still helps guide ships to shore to this day. Visit the Yaquina Head Lighthouse Center for an exhibit on local marine life and a full-scale replica of the lighthouse lantern. Also, don’t forget to visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium while visiting here! 

Unlike some of the other options on this list, Newport actually can offer a busy weekend! There’s a lot to explore on any given day in this small city. And, during high season, there are always events happening on weekends here. Newport is a perfect weekend getaway for families and groups who want to try something new.


Newport, Oregon
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3. Pacific City

Pacific City is a tiny town on Oregon’s coast in Tillamook County. As of the 2019 Census, the city had just over 1,000 residents. This destination is ideal for looking for a weekend full of outdoor adventures. In particular, Pacific City is popular with surfers. 

Spend a weekend here trying your hand at surfing, taking a horse ride along the beach, and visiting the Cape Kiwanda Natural Area. You’ll also probably want to stop at Pelican Brewing Company. This fantastic brewery offers intimate brewery tours and is right on the water, so you can enjoy your meal and beer while watching surfers on the water. 

Pacific City is a tiny, sleepy town, but that’s sometimes the exact type of escape you need. 

Pacific City, Oregon
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4. Depoe Bay

Depoe Bay is a city in Lincoln County, Oregon, with a six-acre harbor as its main attraction. The city says it has “the world’s smallest navigable harbor.” When there’s a storm and the waters are particularly rough, the geological features of the harbor create a “spouting horn.” This means that the giant waves spout a massive spray of water into the air above Main Street, looking like a whale spouting water out of its horn. 

Additionally, Depoe Bay is also the whale-watching capital of the Oregon coast. If you come between March to December, you’re essentially guaranteed to spot some grey whales in the water. 

Depoe Bay is a great weekend getaway because it’s affordable, easy to navigate, and the people are friendly. When you’re not looking out for whales, you can visit the Depoe Bay Winery, the Whale, Sea Life, and Sharks Museum, or book a fishing excursion. 

Depoe Bay
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5. Crater Lake National Park (Bonus)

Okay, Crater Lake National Park isn’t on Oregon’s coastline, but you can drive a scenic route along the coast to get here. And, it’s such a fantastic destination, it deserves a bonus spot on our list. 

Crater Lake National Park is Oregon’s only national park. It’s a popular destination with locals and visitors for its stunning lake, hills, and forests. The park’s main feature is a giant crater lake located in the middle of the park, a remnant of Mount Mazama, a destroyed 7,700-old volcano. This lake fills up with rainwater and snowmelt and is one of the most pristine lakes in the US. 

You can spend a weekend staying close to (or inside) the park as you hike the trails, take a scenic 33-mile drive along Rim Drive, or even take a boat or trolley tour around the park. 

There are over 175 miles of trails you can explore at this national park, but the best one is the Discovery Point trail. This trail isn’t too challenging and gives you endless views of the lake the entire way. 

If you want to stay in the park, you have two options. Stay at the historic Crater Lake Lodge and upgrade to a room with a lake view. Or, for a more rustic feel, book a stay at The Cabins at Mazama Village. These cabins include private accommodations, a shared campground and amphitheater, and a nearby cafe and camp store. There are also campsites throughout the park and hotels just outside the park. 

This park is the perfect destination for a weekend full of nature and fun. 

The only question left is which coastal town wins your heart for your next getaway?

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